Universal Systems UVSS stock is up over 500%, now what will happen?


Universal Systems UVSS stock has been on a rocket ship to the moon lately. UVSS ticker has had large volume and a 503% change in PPS in 5 days. Wondering why this stock is taking off, take a look below. Before we do, remember to stop what you are doing and 👇 sign up for our newsletter below. 👇

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Now, let’s go over some of the basic information on this stock before we get in the technical analysis.

AUniversal Systems Inc. Company Information

Company Name: Universal Systems Inc.

Ticker: UVSS

Exchange: OTC

Website: https://www.usicomputer.com/

Universal Systems Inc. Company Summary:

Universal Systems, Inc. started in the PC business in 1989. Since then Universal has evolved into a full service organization, committed to users of high quality computer equipment at cost effective prices. Since its beginnings, Universal’s revenue has consistently increased each year. From production members to sales representatives, the dedicated professionals at Universal work as a team to make this growth a reality, by providing quality products and the highest level of service to every customer. Universal prides itself on excellent service that lets the customer know they are the top priority. Universal is constantly pushing the envelope in technology as well as service, ensuring clients maintain their leadership role in the ever changing computer industry.


Nov 17, 2021

Announced the company has achieved Pink Current status for OTC Markets.

Mr. Andrew Lane, CEO of Universal Systems, Inc./Digital Distro, states, “Our team of internal staff, partners, attorneys, and executive leadership have constantly worked to ensure that all due diligence and transparency were provided and documented. I want to thank the team for their professional and persistent efforts to revive Universal System, Inc. into a now OTC Pink Current company. 

UVSS 5 Day Chart

UVSS Stock

Universal Systems Technical Analysis:

Universal Systems UVSS stock has had seen better days. All key indicators are showing a big pullback. I will be selling in this instance, take the 503% gains, congrats. We strive to bring winners to our subscribers and this one has already won. Don’t get greedy.

This is Alex, reminding all the traders out there to leave your emotions at the door and never, ever, try to catch a falling knife. I sure hope you enjoyed this article, if you would like to receive more exclusive content from me 👇 sign up for our newsletter below. 👇

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