Breakout for Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. (OTC-GSPT)?

Golden Star Enterprises Ltd

Golden Star Enterprises LTD is a publicly traded holding and acquisition company. (OTC:GSPT)...

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Golden Star Enterprises LTD is a publicly traded holding and acquisition company. (OTC:GSPT) is a tech incubator that acquires startups and takes them to the next level. 

Their extensive experience in this space and our tech industry connections, create massive opportunities for traders.

Golden Star Enterprises“Most of our subscribers are familiar with me, but for those that are new to Small Cap Exclusive’s detailed, featured, Break Out Alerts, my name is Alexander Goldman. I’ve been a trader for over 20 years and I’m pretty, pretty, pretty good at picking massive winners.”

The Company’s flagship company is Enigmai, an Israeli tech company that specializes in the Workforce Management space. I’m very excited about the results of 2021 and over the moon in 2022. You have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor, where, in my opinion, it is a steal!

The top 4 reasons Golden Star Enterprises (OTC: GSPT) is primed for a massive breakout!

#1 Enigmai’s Market Potential

#2 GSPT has great  NEWS

#3 Golden Star Enterprises (OTC: GSPT) Chart Looks Amazing!

#4 GSPT has publicly revealed an amazing strategy for 2022!

Before we go over the top 4 reasons, let’s get acquainted with Golden Star Enterprises.

Company Name: Golden Star Enterprises

Ticker: GSPT

Exchange: OTC


Company Summary:

Golden Star Enterprises LTD is a publicly traded holding and acquisition company (OTC:GSPT) is a tech incubator that acquires startups and their latest acquisition of Enigmai, an Israeli tech company, is looking very promising. 

Enigmai specializes in the Workforce Management space, as its new subsidiary. Enigmai was established in 2009 and developed a comprehensive workforce management system that enables large organizations to better manage their employees’ schedules and save money by providing a state-of-the-art management tool. 

The Workforce Management (WFM) system is critical to any organization that manages employees’ shifts. It is even more critical since many people work remotely, with employees distributed between various locations including their home office. Enigma’s offering is holistic as it offers an end-to-end solution that integrates with existing systems used by BPOs, Business Process Outsourcing otherwise known as a call center.

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#1 Enigmai’s Market Potential

I am intimately knowledgeable about the true market potential for this software, because I worked for five years as a consultant to Contact Centers both for customer service and sales. The lack of dependable software to forecast labor initiatives is a real problem. There is a vacuum in the marketplace that Enigmai could tap into.

There are 60,850 contact centers (with over 10 seats) in North America with 3.3 million agent positions the North American Contact center industry is valued at $28 Billion per annum. Also, 30% of that ($8.4 billion) represents outsourced activity

Almost one in ten Contact Centers are still using either pen and paper or whiteboards to schedule staff.

33% of the call centers are generating revenue less than 500 Million Dollars.In fact, five of the largest call centers in the US employs 40,000-47,000 employees! That is an incredible opportunity! Citation HERE

Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. - 03

If Golden Star could just capture 10% of the market that is $2.8 BILLION in revenue which would place a conservative valuation, 5X, at $10 Billion. Even if they capture 1% of the market, thats a 1 BILLION dollar valuation!

#2 GSPT has great NEWS

Nov. 10, 2021 HERE

Announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Enigmai Ltd, has signed a Letter Of Intent (LOI) with National Organized Workers Union to pilot its Enigmai Business Suite (EBS) workforce management system (WFM) in hospitals.

That is a huge announcement, imagine when the revenue possibly starts pouring in and they release the financials in Q1?

Jan. 06, 2022 HERE

Updated shareholders with a summary of the fiscal year 2021 activities and plans for the coming year. 2021 was a transition year for Golden Star. That means, this could be a ground floor opportunity! 

During the year, the Company focused on operations of its newly acquired Israel-based subsidiary, Enigmai Ltd., and investments in upgrades to its WorkForce Management (WFM) software product. Here are some of the activity highlights from fiscal 2021:

  • Enigmai signed three-year contracts with its existing clients
  • Enigmai was featured in a webinar in Israel, resulting in dozens of new client leads
  • GSPT established an advisory board and nominated its first two advisory board members
  • Enigmai commenced the upgrade of its WFM products’ user interface
  • Enigmai signed a pilot program for its WFM with the city of Tel-Aviv
  • Enigmai signed a contract with AuroraView, a US Based, customer-oriented software development and consulting company that offers products, solutions to take over software product support in Israel and North America
  • Enigmai participated in a major trade conference in Israel, resulting in many additional client leads
  • Enigmai signed a Letter of Intent to pilot its WFM software at some of Canada’s largest hospitals
  • The Company retained PCAOB audit firm, Pinnacle Accountancy Group (DBA Heaton & Associates) to audit fiscal 2020 and 2021 operations in order to move a step closer to becoming a fully reporting issuer with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and potentially upgrade our listing to OTCmarkets: QB

Sept. 14, 2021 HERE

Announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Enigmai, has signed an agreement with AuroraView, a US Based, customer-oriented software development and consulting company that offers products, solutions, and value-added services.

I’m always looking for start up incubators that are pre-revenue but showing agreements that will produce revenue in the future. So, you don’t have to chase news and get in before the morning gap ups on news.

#3 Golden Star Enterprises (OTC: GSPT) Chart Looks Amazing!

GSPT 5 Day Chart


Golden Star Enterprises 1 Day Chart

Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. - 01

GSPT Technical Analysis:

Bottom play alert, can you say that again. More importantly, you can see a clear reversal of the bearish trend in the 5 day chart. Reversal #1 and #2 is clear as day. This is exciting.

The 1 day chart clearly shows after the trend reversal a pullback as early investors liquidate the amazing 150% gains! If you look at the 1 year chart you will see, time and time again, opportunities for 100%+ winners. 

The stock is consolidating after the 150% run and is primed for a possible run. Put it on your watchlist today because GSPT might be ready to breakout to further highs soon.

#4 GSPT has publicly revealed an amazing strategy for 2022! HERE

We expect fiscal 2022 to bring the following additional accomplishments:

  • Enigmai will complete the development of the upgraded front-end client for its WFM for initial installation with existing clients
  • Enigmai will commence the WFM software pilot program with several hospitals in Canada
  • Conclude 2021 and 2020 audit of our financial results, and complete a registration statement to become a fully reporting issuer with the SEC
  • Commence development of the mobile application for Enigmai’s WFM software system
  • Commence marketing and sales activities in North America

Let’s recap why GSPT could be, THE massive breakout of 2022!

#1 Enigmai’s Market Potential

#2 GSPT has great  NEWS

#3 Golden Star Enterprises (OTC: GSPT) Chart Looks Amazing!

#4 GSPT has publicly revealed an amazing strategy for 2022!

It is a rare opportunity in this world to have this kind of investment opportunity. This company is operating in a tech sector that is exploding,  has favorable news, the chart is keen for a massive move possibly and the 2022 outlook is fundamentally solid.

Happy Trading and remember, never try to catch a falling knife!

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