Quadlogic Controls QDLC Stock Price is ready for a run? URGENT Update

QDLC stock price

Quadlogic Controls QDLC Stock Price has been trying to recover since it’s July...

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Quadlogic Controls QDLC Stock Price has been trying to recover since it’s July high of almost $2. Wondering why this stock is having such a hard time and if it can break the overall trend?

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Now, let’s go over some of the basic information on this stock before we get in the technical analysis

Quadlogic Controls Inc. Company Information

Company Name: Quadlogic Controls Inc.

Ticker: QDLC

Exchange: OTC

Website: https://www.quadlogic.com/

Quadlogic Controls Inc. Company Summary:

Quadlogic Controls Corp. engages in the business of electricity metering, monitoring, and control. Its products include multi-tenant, in-unit residential, socket, demand, and commercial meter. Its activities include the design, manufacture, and sale of the smart metering systems; technical services including meter reading, customer billing, and system repair and maintenance; concentrated metering, which refers to the Energy Guard system; and royalties from licensees producing and selling the firm’s Energy Guard systems under licensing agreements. The company was founded by Marc Segan, Doron Shafrir, and Sayre Swarztrauber in 1982 and is headquartered in Long Island City, NY.

QDLC stock price is due to News?

NO NEWS, warning!

QDLC 5 Day Chart


QDLC Stock Price Technical Analysis: QDLC Stock Price

The PPS is up over 1% over the last month. The volume is also up, to be exact it is up 40%!


Look at the revenue decreases. That is not good from a fundamental position!

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