Flora Growth Corp. (OTC-FLGC) is the Bounce Play of 2022?

With the lowest production cost in the world, and revenues screaming...
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With the lowest production cost in the world, and revenues screaming higher Flora Growth Corp. This is exactly what you have been looking for. This burgeoning giant must get on the top of your watchlist right now…

Let’s take a look at 4 reasons why Flora should be on your HOT list today!

#1 Two research analysts have placed the value of Flora at almost 4X return! (here)

#2 Look at these wholesale distribution channels: Walmart, Macy’s, and many more!

#3 The chart is set up to breakout due to a reversal and volume spike, don’t miss out!

#4 NEWS – Acquisitions, Walmart and international distribution!

#1. Two research analysts have placed the value of Flora at almost 4X return!

It is rare to have such a gap between the current PPS and two stock analysts’ estimates, but we have that here with Flora. 

As of 2/25/22 the PPS was $1.84 and the Argus report has a price target of $9.00. 

We are 389% away from these estimates to be exact.

This industry is growing at an unparalleled pace. Sales for 2021 are estimated to finish at $31 billion, an increase of 41% over 2020. HERE

And yet, despite this positive sales growth, this whole industry slumped in the second half of 2021.

<<Want to find out the industry? CLICK HERE to find out more.>>

What other industries are sales up, revenues up, growth flourishing – stock prices down? 

If you like golden opportunities continue to read! And Flora Growth Corp (NASDAQ: FLGC) is a perfect example. 

In fact, not one, but two Wall Street analysts believe Flora could be unreasonably undervalued.

The source for the above information is HERE

The second research report by Argus Research has a value estimate of $9 per share.

The current PPS would provide traders a 389% Here

How did Argus research come up with this incredible estimation, take a look below!

  • Flora Growth is well capitalized, with $18.8 million in cash on June 30, 2021, which was subsequently bolstered by $31.5 million in net proceeds raised from a secondary offering completed in November 2021. In addition, we expect an additional approximately $40 million from the exercise of warrants to enable Flora to execute on its strategic plan.
  • We expect Flora to expand distribution to the U.S. over time and expect Flora to continue signing such supply agreements as its commercial harvest and export infrastructure takes hold. Flora’s commercial growth strategy is underpinned by three key initiatives: first, to develop a global supply chain that will allow it to move cultivated products around the world; second, to further expand its brand portfolio; and third, to attract talented employees that will lead the company through its next stage of growth.
  • We believe that Flora is attractively valued relative to peers based on its low-cost structure, strong brand portfolio, and expanding global distribution. Based on our EV/revenue analysis, our fair value estimate for FLGC is $9 per share.

#2 Look at these wholesale distribution channels: Walmart, Macy’s, and many more!

Skincare & Cosmetics: Launched on Walmart.com and Coppel in Mexico, Shipped to Spain, received sustainability award at Cosmoprof. 

Food & Beverage: Signed major deal with Tropi (largest F&B distributor in Colombia with 130,000+ points of distribution) + Tonino Lamborghini partnership.

Lifestyle & Apparel: Now selling on Macys.com.

<<Want to find out more, CLICK HERE>>

#3 The 1-year chart looks nuts! Check it out!

Even though Wall Street has overreacted and the PPS is undervalued by two stock analysts projections, the market always takes notice. 

It may be a little delayed but it is efficient and takes notice of undervalued stocks.

That could be what just took place as you can see below.

FLGC 1 Year Chart

I love bounce plays! You know what I like more than bounce plays? When the street overreacts. 

Opportunities, opportunities and yes, opportunities! We are trading at a 1 year low with potentially clear skies ahead.

Couple the low PPS with the price targets and the incredible news, well, maybe you’ll thank me later.

FLGC 5 Day Chart

Do you see the volume spikes? The market have have understood FLGC’s  value at that position. 

<<Want to find out more, CLICK HERE>>

#4 NEWS – Acquisitions, Walmart and international distribution!


Flora continues to strengthen its executive bench with the appointment of Jessie Casner as Chief Marketing Officer.

Ms.Casner joins the Company from the recently acquired Vessel brand, where she was Vice President of Sales and Marketing. The appointment of this position continues to strengthen Flora’s executive bench and leadership within the organization. Ms.Casner’s experience in brand marketing will support the rapid growth of Flora’s core CPG brands, including Vessel, Tonino Lamborghini, Mind Naturals, Stardog, among others.

“I’m excited to welcome Jessie Casner as our Chief Marketing Officer,” said Luis Merchan, CEO of Flora Growth. “This appointment is another example of our commitment to invest in human capital at all levels of the organization. Jessie’s expertise in go-to-market strategy and consumer marketing make her the right choice to guide our multi-national marketing campaign objectives for both Flora and our growing portfolio of brands.”


Flora has launched sales through Walmart.com and Coppel, a nationwide department store in Mexico. The launch includes 12 products from the Mind Naturals portfolio, initially on e-commerce with subsequent plans to sell in brick and mortar retail locations.

This launch expands upon last month’s initial orders for Mind Naturals to Mexico and Spain. Walmart is one of the leading retail chains in Central America, while Coppel has 1,253 stores in Mexico. It is estimated that the global market for canna-bis and its derivatives will generate sales of 102 billion dollars by 2026, and Mexico is expected to be one of the countries with the highest commercialization of CB-D products.


Flora Beauty division has received initial orders for its Mind Naturals and Awe CB-D skincare brands. These initial orders are for the Spanish and Mexican markets and will be exported in December of 2021. Evergreen CB-D has issued an initial purchase order for select Mind Naturals products for the Mexican market, while Amma Spain has issued an initial purchase order for both Mind Naturals and Awe products for the Spanish market.


Flora announced that it has closed the acquisition of Vessel Brand Inc. (“Vessel”). As set forth below, Flora has acquired Vessel for aggregate consideration of US$30M, consisting of a combination of cash and the issuance of Flora common shares.

  • Acquisition provides Flora with an immediate foothold in the North American cannabis market by acquiring a rapidly growing company with trailing 12-months revenue of $6.6M and year-over-year growth of 90%
  • Acquisition diversifies Flora’s premium brand portfolio through Vessel’s strong position in Vessel’s vertical
  • Key Vessel team members will join the executive bench and guide the growth of Flora’s brand portfolio, with an initial focus on enhancing the U.S. marketing and sales strategies for the Stardog, Mind Naturals, and Ô (Awe) brands

Let’s review the 4 reasons why Flora should be on your HOT list today!

#1 Two research analysts have placed the potential value of Flora at almost 4X higher!

#2 Look at these wholesale distribution channels: Walmart, Macy’s, and many more!

#3 The 1-year chart looks nuts! Check it out!

#4 NEWS – Acquisitions, Walmart and international distribution!<<Want to find out more, CLICK HERE>>


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