Tonner One World Holdings (OTC:TONR ) About to Explode?

Company Name: Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc. 

Ticker: TONR

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Company Name: Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc. 

Ticker: TONR

Exchange: OTC


Company Summary: Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc is an actively expanding Fintech company seeking acquisitions with an emphasis on Crypto and Crypto Exchanges with the most potential for future growth.

Why did it go up over 100%?

November 18th Tonner announces “As a shareholder of Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc., you are receiving this letter to inform you of a recent decision by your company’s Board of Directors to transform its business model to precisely focus on acquisitions and operation of businesses and assets in the fast-growth Fintec growth industry.”

5 Day Technical Analysis:

The stock has been gapping up premarket all week, so if the stock can gap up in the morning and beat $.0096 tomorrow, I like it. However because of the lack of news and the 80% run of late, be very careful.

1 Day Technical Analysis

Volume is stable and it is consolidating with a slight bearish trend within the consolidation on the 1 day chart. Again, if it can beat $.0096 I like it!

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