Spirit Bear Ltd. Picked Cool Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:WARM) Shares

In a just published Form 13, filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC),...
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In a just published Form 13, filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Cool Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:WARM) reported that Spirit Bear Ltd. has picked up 11,374,854 of common stock as of 2017-03-20.

The acquisition brings the aggregate amount owned by Spirit Bear Ltd. to a total of 11,374,854 representing a 9.62% stake in the company.

For those not familiar with the company, Cool Technologies, Inc., formerly HPEV, Inc., is engaged in developing and commercializing dispersion technologies in various product platforms. The Company is also engaged in developing and commercializing an electric load assist technology around which it has designed a vehicle retrofit system. Its application process is Totally Enclosed Heat Pipe Cooled technology (TEHPC). The markets for products utilizing its technology include consumer, industrial and military markets, both in the United States and across the world. Its initial target markets include those involved in moving materials and moving people, such as motors/generators, mobile auxiliary power, compressors, turbines, bearings, electric vehicles, brakes/rotors/calipers, pumps/fans, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, military and marine. The Company’s technologies are divided into categories, which include heat dispersion technology, mobile electric power and electric load assist. It has not generated any revenues.

A glance at Cool Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:WARM)’s key stats reveals a current market capitalization of 11.21 Million based on 113.2 Million shares outstanding and a price at last close of $0.100 per share.

Looking at insider activity, there are a few transactions worth noting.

Specifically, on 2017-03-10, Bibb picked up 100 at a purchase price of $0.10. This brings their total holding to 1,121,100 as of the date of the filing.

On the sell side, the most recent transaction saw Spirit unload 110,200 shares at a sale price of $0.09. This brings their total holding to 214,654.

It’s possible to gauge a company’s potential by tracking the activity of its major holders, as well as checking in on insider activity such as those transactions listed above. We’ll be keeping an eye on Cool Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:WARM) as things move forward to see if its progress aligns with these transactions.

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