Netlist NLST is ready to take off?

Netlist NLST is ready to take off is a loaded question and it...

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Netlist NLST is ready to take off is a loaded question and it depends on a few factors. However, before we get into the details of whether it can be profitable in 2022, let’s take a look at a quick overview to get you familiar.

Company Name: Netlist, Inc.

Ticker: NLST

Exchange: OTC


Netlist NLST company summary:

Netlist provides high-performance solid state drives and modular memory solutions to enterprise customers in diverse industries. The Company’s NVMe™ SSDs in various capacities and form factors and the line of custom and specialty memory products bring industry-leading performance to server and storage appliance customers and cloud service providers.

Netlist licenses its portfolio of intellectual property including patents, in server memory, hybrid memory and storage class memory, to companies that implement Netlist’s technology. 

Netlist NLST in the news:

In October 2021 the Court issued summary judgment in favor of Netlist and against Samsung for material breach of various obligations under the Joint Development and License Agreement (JDLA), which the parties executed in November 2015.

In the summary judgment Order, the Court also held that Netlist properly terminated the JDLA, a remedy which leaves Samsung without a license to Netlist’s patents. That ruling, however, limited the damages phase of the case to issues of direct damages. The case now moves to the post-trial phase over the next couple of months.

Netlist, Inc. 1 Month Chart

Netlist, Inc. 5 Day Chart

Netlist, Inc. NLST Technical Analysis

I like NLST if it can break $6.60 and maintain a consolidation pattern above that PPS.

It has reversed it’s bearish trend but it could be a head fake it has difficulty at the $6.60 PPS. Trade with stop losses.

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