MCOA Stock Price is red hot, can it go higher? URGENT Update

MCOA stock price

Marijuana Co. of America MCOA stock price is up 128% in the last...

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Marijuana Co. of America MCOA stock price is up 128% in the last 5 days, but is the run over for this cannabis breakout stock? There is an old adage, “two heads are better than one”, so let’s put both our heads together and compare notes on MCOA.

Before we get started, I like being methodical and easy to understand so I have developed a ranking system for my stocks. I call it, Alexander Goldman’s “HOT Stock Ranking!”

The official heat level for MCOA is, a 🔥🔥 2 out of 5

Each time I write about a breakout stock I will stamp it with my ranking, as you can see from above on the cover photo. Two fires mean it is a 2 out of 5 on my ranking system.

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Before I get ahead of myself and just jump right into this exciting cannabis stock, I wanted to introduce myself.

Hello 🙋‍♂️ My name is Alexander Goldman. I have been trading, at a very high level, breakout stocks and trending stocks for 20 years now. I’m accredited for establishing the coveted HOT Stock Reporting for breakout stocks.

I found myself as chief editor at Small Cap exclusive 4 years ago. Now, I’m helping traders find breakout stocks. I love delivering winners to our subscribers. Even more exciting is when I get thank you emails from our subscribers. Sign up today and I will send you my personal email so you can ask questions.

I mentioned winners, what do I mean by big winners?

Stocks that move more than 100% in a month! MCOA Stock Price could?

There are no guarantees in trading stocks! But, I’m very consistent!

Take a look at this article I wrote below, where I called 5 stocks, 3 losers and 2 winners and they all did what I thought!

The article is HERE and I shine a spotlight on these breakout stocks and also those losers!

Now, let’s go over some information on this breakout stock before we get into the technical analysis. More importantly, how did I come up with the HOT Stock Ranking?

Marijuana Co. of America Company Information

Company Name: Marijuana Co. of America Inc.

Ticker: MCOA

Exchange: OTC


Breakout Stock Marijuana Co. of America Company Summary:

Marijuana Company of America, Inc. engages in the investment in a portfolio of legal cannabis and industrial hemp businesses. It operates through the hempSMART segment. The company was founded on October 4, 1985 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

CA:LUR stock price is due to News?

Jan 25, 2022 (Investor Brand Network via COMTEX) — Marijuana Company of America (OTC: MCOA), a diversified holding company with operations and investments throughout the cannabis industry, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary cDistro has reached an agreement with dosist health to distribute its award-winning line of high concentration CBD+ formulas and products. According to the update, cDistro will expand the rapidly growing distribution locations for dosist health CBD products to drive sales and further establish cDistro in the distribution marketplace. 

MCOA Stock Price HOT Stock Grade:

The official heat level for CA:LUR is, a 🔥🔥 2 out of 5 . Continue reading to see why I think it is just a 2 out of 5. Here are my takeaways on it and why it is just a 2 out of 5. Do you agree?

The volume, is diminishing and I imagine there should be selling pressure because of the buying on Friday. It’s simple, the buyers from Friday will want to liquidate and as time goes on if the variance between buying and selling is out of sync, it will go down.

The news, there is no significant news lately other than the Federal Gov voting on kklegalizing marijuana.

The chart, it is bearish at the moment.

Marketing efforts, I have not found marketing efforts around the investor awareness of this company.

Again, two heads are better than one, let’s work together to have the best trading year of our lives!

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