Clearmind Medicine Inc. (Nasdaq: CMND) Is Disrupting The Pharmaceutical Industry with a Revolutionary Treatment!


Clearmind Medicine CMND has consolidated from the latest amazing 252% run & indicators...

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Clearmind Medicine CMND has consolidated from the latest amazing 252% run & indicators appear to reveal more explosive gains in the near future!

Now that it has created a base it appears ready for it’s next HUGE run, could it be 600%, 700%, 1,000%?!?!

Let’s take a quick look at the basics before digging into why CMND could be ready for it’s next big move!

Clearmind Medicine Company Summary

Company Name: Clearmind Medicine, Inc.

Ticker: CMND

Exchange: NASDAQ


Clearmind Medicine Company Summary:

Clearmind Medicine Inc. (Nasdaq: CMND) is a psych-e-delic pharmaceutical biotech company focused on the discovery and development of novel psych-e-delic-derived therapeutics to solve widespread and underserved health problems, including alcohol use disorder.

Its primary objective is to research and develop psych-e-delic-based compounds and attempt to commercialize them as regulated medicines, foods or supplements.

The Company’s intellectual portfolio currently consists of seven patent families.

Clearmind Medicine Inc. (Nasdaq: CMND) intends to seek additional patents for its compounds whenever warranted and will remain opportunistic regarding the acquisition of additional intellectual property to build its portfolio.

Clearmind’s flagship treatments are focused on Alcohol Use Disorder(AUD), which is incredibly common. It varies from mild to excessive, and describes a person’s inability to restrict their alcohol consumption, despite negative social, occupational, or health consequences.

Clearmind Medicine Inc. Scores Milestone Patent 

Dec 27, 2022

Clearmind Medicine Inc. (NASDAQ: CMND) (CSE: CMND) has taken a giant step forward in its mission to deliver a first-to-market psychedelic-based treatment targeting Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Last Wednesday, CMND announced being granted a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to use its proprietary MEAI as an alcoholic beverage substitute. This allowance strengthens an already robust IP portfolio by adding to similar patents earned for its MEAI-based alcohol substitute in Europe and India.

The full article can be found HERE

Clearmind Medicine Inc.’s Psychedelic-Based Therapeutics Are Revolutionary To The Pharmaceutical Sector; Treating AUD In The Crosshairs ($CMND)

January 3rd, 2023

Driving that proposition is Clearmind Medicine nearing its goal of delivering a first-to-market psychedelic-based treatment to market, with its lead candidate, MEAI, targeting a $395BN alcohol-substitute product market.

“In pre-clinical trials, showed an ability to mitigate AUD Alcohol Use Disorder: a condition that encourages a vicious cycle of binge drinking by circumventing specific neural pathways that lead to sensible behavioral decisions. “

The full article can be found HERE

Clearmind Medicine Inc. Positions To Deliver A First-To-Market Psychedelic-Based Treatment For Alcohol Use Disorder

Dec 29, 2022

Thanks to a series of milestones reached, patents earned, and valuable partnerships, the company’s lead candidate, MEAI, may soon become the first-to-market psychedelic-based treatment targeting Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). As an alcohol-substitute product, MEAI positions Clearmind to target a more than $395 million alcohol-substitute market opportunity and, more importantly, provide a product that could save millions of lives each year.

The full article can be found HERE

There is a massive market potential for Clearmind Medicine Inc. (Nasdaq: CMND). The company focuses on a huge untapped market with yearly economic impact costing the U.S. over $249 billion.(1)

Clearmind Medicine Inc. (Nasdaq: CMND) currently has 8 patents granted with 15 patent applications pending.(1) A patent can be an economic catalyst to pharmaceutical companies who push to research new and beneficial drugs on the premise that they will be able to reap rewards by way of profits.(2)

According to a national survey, 14.1 million adults ages 18 and older (5.6 percent of this age group) had AUD in 2019. (3)

Among youth, an estimated 414,000 adolescents ages 12–17 (1.7 percent of this age group) had AUD during this timeframe.(3)

What Increases the Risk for AUD? A person’s risk for developing AUD depends, in part, on how much, how often, and how quickly they consume alcohol. (3)

Alcohol misuse, which includes binge drinking and heavy alcohol use, over time increases the risk of AUD.(3)

Other factors also increase the risk of AUD, such as:

  • Drinking at an early age. A recent national survey found that among people ages 26 and older, those who began drinking before age 15 were more than 5 times as likely to report having AUD in the past year as those who waited until age 21 or later to begin drinking. The risk for females in this group is higher than that of males. (3)
  • Genetics and family history of alcohol problems. Genetics play a role, with heritability approximately 60 percent; however, like other chronic health conditions, AUD risk is influenced by the interplay between a person’s genes and their environment. Parents’ drinking patterns may also influence the likelihood that a child will one day develop AUD.(3)
  • Mental health conditions and a history of trauma. A wide range of psychiatric conditions—including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—are comorbid with AUD and are associated with an increased risk of AUD. People with a history of childhood trauma are also vulnerable to AUD.(3)

Breaking the Cycle
Clearmind Medicine Inc. (Nasdaq: CMND) believes that MEAI breaks the vicious binge-drinking cycle at the decision point to drink more alcohol,by potentially innervating neural pathways such as 5-HT1A that lead to “sensible behavior.”(6)

Anecdotal reports and pre-clinical in-vivo results indicate on the self-limiting property of MEAI—unlike traditional treatments.(6)

Expansive Potential
The literature shows that 5-HT1A receptors are associated with controlling craving behavior across the board. This indicates that MEAI may have a wide range of applications beyond binge drinking.(6)

Successful preclinical results in MEAI treatment for alcohol consumption.(6)

Clearmind Medical is advancing its proprietary CMND-100, 5-methoxy-2-aminoindane-based treatment (MEAI), intending to provide relief to millions worldwide by using psychedelics to treat Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

The market potential from an approved CMND therapeutic can be enormous, replacing drugs and treatments that are sometimes more debilitating than the condition itself.

More importantly, CMND’s approach could mitigate patient resistance to treatment, opening the door to potentially billions in long-term revenues and saving thousands of lives per year. 

Biotech and Pharmaceutical stocks can offer tremendous upside potential when positive news is announced from Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 trials. Clearmind Medicine Inc. (Nasdaq: CMND) recently announced the initiation of a program to address its upcoming clinical trial.(4)

Clearmind Medicine Inc. recently announced the initiation of clinical batches of production of its novel psychedelic-derived drug candidate, the MEAI- based molecule- CMND-100.(4)

The produced batches will be used in the Company’s upcoming first in human (FIH) clinical trial evaluating the proprietary drug candidate compound CMND-100 for the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

Following MEAI’s synthesis development process, the compound is being produced under GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) conditions to comply with FDA requirements.

The clinical batches production is made possible due to prior successful production of MEAI drug substance that was used in the Company’s pre- clinical studies designed to evaluate the safety of its innovative compound.

“Clearmind continues its progress toward FIH clinical trials,” said Dr. Adi Zuloff-Shani, Clearmind’s Chief Executive Officer.

“This milestone joins other achievements we’ve made in a relatively short period. Non-clinical data generated to date, demonstrate that our MEAI- based treatment has the potential to treat broad range of addictions and binge behaviors such as AUD.”(4)

“Like other addictions, AUD is a chronic relapsing brain disorder characterized by an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use,” she added. (4)

“Alcohol abuse is the third most-common preventable cause of death in the United States, where almost 6% struggle with this condition.”(4)

The Company previously announced that it completed a highly constructive Pre-Investigational New Drug Application (“pre-IND”) meeting with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) to discuss the development of CMND-100.

Clearmind Medicine Inc. (Nasdaq: CMND) has less than 1.2M shares available in its public float according to Finviz.(5) Low float stocks have the potential to present significant price swings if active market participants take notice.

Short squeeze?

If you mix in a short squeeze, the potential short-term gains in a low float stock can be extreme. Low float stocks can be some of the most volatile stocks in the market.

Clearmind Medicine CMND has consolidated from the latest amazing 252% run & indicators appear to reveal more explosive gains in the near future! Let’s review the 4 reasons you should put it on you watchlist NOW.

As a quick reminder of the 4 REASONS why you should pull up KAVL right now:

  1. Incredible Press Releases announcing their US Patent!
  2. Untapped Market Worth $249BN
  3. Clinical Trials on the horizon that could be worth Bill-ions
  4. Extremely Low Float – 1.2M shares is stupid LOW!

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