Y-Mabs Theraputics YMAB Stock report, never seen insights by famed stock picker Alexander Goldman  

YMAB Stock

Y-mAbs Therapeutics YMAB stock has been breaking it's trend with large volume and...

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Y-mAbs Therapeutics YMAB stock has been breaking it’s trend with large volume and a 27% change in PPS in 1 day. Wondering why this stock is taking off, take a look. Before we do, remember to stop what you are doing and 👇 sign up for our newsletter below. 👇

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Before we get started, I wanted to introduce myself to you. Hi 🙋‍♂️ I’m Alexander Goldman and I have been successfully trading stocks for two decades now. I’m now helping traders find big movers now.

What do I mean by big winners?

Stocks that move more than 100% in a month!

Does that always happen, NO! But, I’m very good! Take a look at this article I wrote, where I called 5 stocks, 3 loswers and 2 winners and they all did what I thought!

The article is HERE

Now, let’s go over some of the basic information on this stock before we get in the technical analysis.

Y-mAbs Therapeutics Inc. Company Information

Company Name: Y-mAbs Therapeutics Inc.

Ticker: YMAB

Exchange: NASDAQ

Website: https://ymabs.com/

Y-mAbs Inc. Company Summary:

Y-mAbs is a commercial-stage clinical biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of novel, antibody-based therapeutic products. Used for the treatment of cancer. We have a broad and advanced product pipeline, including pivotal-stage product candidates against a range of targets.

Our mission is to become the world leader in developing better and safer antibody-based oncology products. Also, addressing clear unmet pediatric and adult medical needs. With the right partnerships and collaborations, we envision changing the course of cancer care and its outcomes.


Feb. 11, 2022

Announced that it recently completed a Pre-Biologics License Application (“pre-BLA”) meeting with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) regarding a potential pathway for FDA approval of omburtamab for the treatment of patients with CNS/leptomeningeal metastases from neuroblastoma. The Company expects to resubmit the BLA for omburtamab by the end of the first quarter 2022.

YMAB 5 Day Chart

YMAB Stock

Y-mAbs Technical Analysis:

The news was great on YMAB ticker and I believe this stock could continue to run. $7.62 is where I put my stop loss, it looks like it should have a great Friday!

This is Alex, reminding all the traders out there to leave your emotions at the door and never, ever, try to catch a falling knife. I sure hope you enjoyed this article, if you would like to receive more exclusive content from me 👇 sign up for our newsletter below. 👇

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