Tesla’s anticipated Battery Day is coming up on Tuesday, Sept. 22, and price targets are being raised by analysts.

Deutsche Bank said in a note to clients Wednesday “While media and investors’ expectations for the event are high, we believe these announcements could meet many of them, and reinforce Tesla’s position as a technology leader,” raising its target on the stock to $400 from $280.

Credit Suisse also stated “Tesla’s pillar of growth for the next two decades.” raising its forecast on Wednesday – ’20 EPS to $3.33 from $2.55 and PT to $400 from $280.

Battery Day has proven to be an incredible strategic plan for Tesla calling it “Master Plan Part 3” , with Credit Suisse writing “that Tesla has suggested a long-term battery capacity of 2 TWh–more than 30x its current capacity. This sharp increase supports growth in three areas: auto, stationary storage, and supply to others. Specifically, in auto, battery growth underscores Tesla’s ambition of selling 20M vehicles/yr, which would make it 2x the size of Toyota (the world’s largest automaker), and is 40x Tesla’s volume this year. While the firm sees this as overly aggressive, they nevertheless foresee Tesla reaching 5M units over time; market share gains of Japanese OEMs in the US in the 1980s/90s serves as a precedent.”

Tesla Inc NASDAQ: TSLA has been one of Wall Street’s darlings this year, with almost 400% gains and Battery Day just around the corner, the best is yet to come!