Small Business Development Group (OTC: SBDG) to assist Palayan Resources, Inc. (OTC: PLYN)

Company Name: Small Business Development Group, Inc. 

Ticker: (SBDG)

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Company Name: Small Business Development Group, Inc. 

Ticker: (SBDG)

Exchange: OTC


Company Summary: 

Small Business Development Group, Inc. (OTC: SBDG) is a holding company publicly traded on OTC Markets. SBDG has an active mandate to identify and acquire operating companies with a preference for those in the small to medium sized enterprise arena (SMBs and SMEs) based in North America, specifically those demonstrating modest but predictable growth and profitability over time. Ideal candidates for acquisition have an enterprise value between $2 million and $50 million with positive cash flows between $500 thousand and $5 million. SBDG’s intent for all acquisitions is to affirm or establish sound business fundamentals and to drive revenue and profitability growth. The goal of SBDG is to develop and align portfolio companies into high performance industry verticals and deliver additional value for its stakeholders.

Why is it trading out of the blue?

Small Business Development Group, Inc. (OTC:SBDG) today announced that it will assist Palayan Resources, Inc. (OTC: PLYN), a publicly traded, fully reporting emerging growth company which recently announced it has signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” to acquire a Global FinTech company in the money transfer industry.

“SBDG plans to roll out Strategic Advisory, Private to Public, and M&A services in 2022. SBDG has the knowledge and resources in place to assist both PLYN and its target acquisition. This assistance includes: the operation of a compliant publicly traded company, resources and connections to sources of investment capital, and access to additional acquisitions utilizing our in-house M&A Advisory firm, Stony Hill Advisors,” said Mr. Jue.“We believe that this client will serve as an excellent example of what we can do to help other companies, and it emphasizes our goal of driving revenue while finding additional opportunities for asset appreciation for SBDG stakeholders.”

5 Day Chart

1 Day Chart

Technical Analysis:

BEARISH on the 1 day, I would expect this to go down!

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