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Rainmaker Making Big Moves on Big News (OTC-RAKR) Could we see another 400% Run? 

Does Rainmaker really make it rain?

Rainmaker (OTC-RAKR) is in the lucrative water business and they actually do make it rain, they generate water from thin air. Anywhere. Perhaps, Rainmaker has brought to market the biggest technical development in clean water since the Roman Aqueducts. Why is RAKR so important to the international fresh water supply? Its technology can produce water in as little as five days after set-up. Moreover, Rainmaker’s Air-to-Water technologies extract water from air positioning itself to fill water demands for communities worldwide with this leading and affordable Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) technology; It will not only help solve a global water crisis, but it’s easy to deploy, inexpensive, and efficient water-producing units can literally play god.

How Does It Work?

Through Rainmaker’s Air-to-Water application, they harvest water by combining atmospheric humidity, heat and air flow producing drinking water from air – no other water source is required.

Why is this Stock seeing tons of action in the market lately?

President Biden understands that we are ruining our clean water supply.

ESG investing grew to more than $30 trillion in 2018, and some estimates say it could reach $50 trillion over the next two decades.

5,000 – 20,000 liters of water per day can be generated

The news is gang busters!

Historically, the stock gains anywhere from 400%-2,000% when news is issued.

President Biden is a friend to RAKR

Biden RAKR

It is no secret that the current President of the United States is making every effort to pass executive orders to eliminate pollution from clean water supplies. Why is that? That is the million-dollar question that could yield RAKR millions in revenue. The reason is amazingly simple, Biden understands the importance of protecting our water supply because it is very damaged, hence his first week in office it was one of his primary initiatives. Clean water supply is one of the most formidable foes to the future success of humans and that is why President Joe Biden has devoted so much time and resources to this initiative.

President Biden signed an executive order on January 27th, found here executive order to protect 30 percent of the nation’s lands, freshwater, and ocean areas by 2030 in a game-changer order. Biden is trying to reverse Trump’s “Dirty Water Rule,” which excluded from the federal Clean Water Act millions of miles of streams and tens of millions of acres of wetlands from a variety of pollution control, prevention, and preventative measures to hinder the pollution of clean water supplies.

ESG means Big Bucks!

Rainmaker is a company that has leaned into the whole ESG movement. ESG measures the societal and sustainability impact of every business activity. ESG investing grew to more than $30 trillion in 2018, and some estimates say it could reach $50 trillion over the next two decades. Investors are now looking to responsibly invest not just because it’s good for future generation but because it’s profitable with sanctions and executive orders that we saw last week. Rainmaker has done more than just build ESG into their business plan, it is part of their DNA, not just a tag line.

Water is KING and RAKR can generate 5,000 -20,000 litres of water per day from 1 unit.

Here are some quick stats (I like bullet points, so here goes)


October 8, 2020 –The partnership once fully deployed could reach USD $50 Million annually.

In a press release dated October 8th, 2020 Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. announced a Joint Venture with the Carlaw Group Ltd. This JV is to address the severe water crises across Africa while creating a new market to penetrate. Carlaw and partners have been operating mission critical infrastructure projects in Africa since 2006. This expertise will complement Rainmaker as it deploys its innovative Air-to-Water technology to bring water on-demand to communities lacking access to environmentally safe drinking water. The partnership will distribute this water through a proposed water distribution agreement within the mining and construction sectors as well as through a bottled water operation using Rainmaker’s hybrid energy Air-to-Water solutions.

Who will be leading the next chapter of this incredible story?

oconnor rakr

Michael O’Connor, RAKR’s current Executive Chairman & co-founder will now assume the role as Interim CEO. Speaking of  a pedigree of founding companies, Mr. O’Connor was a co-founder of Freedom Mobile, which was acquired by Shaw Communications Inc. in 2016 for $1.6 billion.


Skinner RAKR

Michael Skinner, former CEO becomes Interim CEO of Sphere 3D to ensure a successful transition. Quick highlight of Mr Skinner’s career:

  • Michael founded Operitel Corporation (2001)
  • Profit Magazine recognized Operitel as one of Canada’s hottest companies in 2006
  • Operitel was acquired in 2011 by OpenText Corporation
  • Michael also expanded the Innovation Cluster in 2016, which drove more than 25 million in economic impact between 2016 – 2019 in the Canadian region of Peterborough Kawartha.
  • Advisory Board Chair for the Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies (CAWT), an internationally recognized water and wastewater research institution.


Rainmaker bolstered their board of directors with the following additions

Michael Della Fortuna

  • He is the CEO of Nexeya Canada Inc.
  • Board Chair of Drone Delivery Canada

Dr. Shoukri

Shoukri is a world-renowned researcher specializing in thermal-fluid science and has published over 120 scholarly articles in the field.

DR. Shoukri RAKR

  • Dean of Engineering at McMaster University
  • Shoukri recently completed his decade-long tenure as the seventh President and Vice-Chancellor of York University
  • Shoukri was a founding Board Member of the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)
  • A member of the Ontario Research and Innovation Council (ORIC).


This stock has a history of 400% runs, is there one coming soon?


In the Fall of 2019 RAKR exploded from a half of a penny to .27 accounting for a 2700%+ gain based on the lifesaving and profitable Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) technology. Investors have been interested in this ECG titan from day one and as you can see from the chart the stock is only gathering momentum.

To ring in 2020 with a bang it had another impressive run from around $.10 to $.50 producing a 400% move! To put this into example form, if someone invested $10,000 on January 1, 2020 they would have over $50,000 worth of RAKR for over almost the WHOLE YEAR, Now that is stable!

In the summer of 2020 it again, for a third time in a row, beat its previous high when it ran from $.15 to $.75. Another 400%+ move! Creating it’s all-time high! So if you purchased shares in RAKR in the first week of January 2020 you would have been in a masssive profit position until now barring just two months. Based on the news of late and this tech giant’s history of running over 400% historically, I believe it could begetting ready to smash through that January 2020 $.10 barrier.

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