INSD Instadose Pharma Corp. – Company Snapshot

Company Snapshot

Company Name: Instadose Pharma Corp. (INSD)

Ticker: INSD

Exchange: OTC


Industry: Cannabis 

Company Summary:

Canada-based Instadose Pharma was established in July 2017 as an extension of a ground-breaking deal with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The Canadian company became the first to obtain a full license to cultivate medical cannabis in the DRC and it is the only one with permission to export this product from the African country for international sale and distribution.   The company has since expanded its operations through joint partnerships with other countries which include Southern Africa, Mexico, North Macedonia and Portugal.  Instadose Pharma continues to build relationships and joint ventures with other countries around the world.

INSD’s product: 

Medicinal Cannabis BioMass – Instadose Pharma is committed to the highest level of standards when it comes to production and distribution of cannabis to be used for extraction purposes.

5 Day Chart

The stock consolidated after a 1,000% explosion! The $36 price per share as seen below is a critical support level that I would keep your eye on, but it seems to be consolidating and could make another move. However, what goes up must come down and a 1,000% in the last 6 weeks is really, really up!

Daily Chart

Only one down day in a month! It appears that this could be a campaign, as you see the three distinct buying cycles in late September, Mid October and the last three days. Based on the historical pattern, I would imagine this should be the end of the run today or tomorrow. 

Technical Summary

This stock is thinly traded with low trading volume and I would expect it to be extremely volatile after the 300% run over the last month. 


1,000% gains over the last 6 weeks, consolidation over the last 5 days, I would be very concerned because what must go up must come down. However, this has a lot of attention on it and I would keep an eye open for a pullback and correction, then maybe jump on it!