GFAI Stock Price, a shocking look at this trending stock! URGENT UPDATE

GFAI Stock Price

GFAI Stock Price has been trying to recover from it's horrible year and...

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GFAI Stock Price has been trying to recover from it’s horrible year and we might have some light at the end of the tunnel. There is some very encouraging indicators taking place, keep reading to find out more!

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What do I mean by big winners?

Stocks that move more than 100% in a month! GFAI Stock Price could?

Does that always happen, NO! But, I’m very good! Take a look at this article I wrote, where I called 5 stocks, 3 losers and 2 winners and they all did what I thought!

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Now, let’s go over some of the basic information on this GFAI stock price before we get in the technical analysis

Guardforce AI Co. Ltd. Company Information

Company Name: Guardforce AI Co. Ltd.

Ticker: GFAI

Exchange: NASDAQ


Guardforce AI Co., Ltd Company Summary:

Guardforce AI Co., Ltd. engages in the provision of cash solutions and cash handling services. Its services include cash-in-transit, dedicated vehicles to banks. Also, they offer ATM management, cash center operations, cash processing, coin processing, cheque center, and cash deposit machine solutions. The company was founded on April 20, 2018 and is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.

GFAI stock price is due to News?

March 11, 2022/ 

Announced today the signing of the definitive agreement of the previously proposed acquisition of Shenzhen Keweien Robot Service Co., Ltd (“SZ”) and Guangzhou Kewei Robot Technology Co., Ltd (“GZ”). This acquisition is expected to serve an integral role in the growth of Guardforce AI’s robotics as a service (RaaS) business initiative. This acquisition is expected to be closed by end of April 2022.

GFAI stock Price & 5 Day Chart

GFAI Stock Price

GFAI Stock Price Technical Analysis:

Never catch a falling knife or if you like, never try to catch a falling safe. Simply let it fall to the ground and pick up the money! GFAI stock price will go up, but I don’t think right now. So that would be catching a falling safe.

What do I mean by that? After today there is no indicators that this stock will increase on Monday, actually, it appears it will continue on it’s bearish trend. So, let it continue on it’s trend line. It will then consolidate and have a clear breakout, THEN, you attack if you will. No until then, because that would be gambling!

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