American Airlines Gets Much Needed Love from the ‘Reddit Short Squeeze Rally’

AAL American Airlines has seen some massive interest recently, with all thanks going to the...
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AAL American Airlines has seen some massive interest recently, with all thanks going to the Reddit Crew. Unless you have been under a rock for the last few days, you are well aware of the “Reddit Crew” that is shaking up the market recently. They have specifically been targeting companies with heavy short interest, driving traders towards a dozen or so specific companies and creating massive short squeezes sending the share prices of these companies to the moon.

AAL American Airlines has luckily found itself in the small list of companies highlighted by the Reddit readers and I believe it was much needed. I do a great deal of flying over the last few years and find myself on American Airlines more than the rest. Flights have been gradually filling up more and more since the beginning of the pandemic. All of the airlines were hit hard by the pandemic and have since begun to trend uphill from the lows of last year.

Although all of the major US airlines have rebounded since the lows of last year, American Airlines has struggled to keep its share price moving uphill like the others, and along with that has seen the largest short position of all the major airlines.

Having that large short position however has gone from a thorn in the side to a flower on a crown for American Airlines

1/26/2021 AAL American Airlines closed just over $15.5

1/27/2021 AAL closed above $16.30

1/28/2021 AAL closed above $18

February 1, 2021 AAL is trading pre-market at $17.34

For those of you like myself that have AAL in our portfolio and have seen that it has been the underdog among the other major airlines, this last week has been worth the pain. I sold my AAL but will continue to watch for a new entry.

Current Airline Stock prices as of Monday 2/1/2021

DAL Delta currently $38.36

LUV Southwest Airlines $44.45

JBLU Jet Blue $14.50

SKYW SkyWest Inc $38.95

SAVE Spirit Airlines $26.20

UAL United Airlines $40.26

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