Xalles Holdings XALL is looking pretty good, put it on your watchlist!


Xalles Holdings XALL is in a 52 week low but has just broke...

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Xalles Holdings XALL is in a 52 week low but has just broke the trend and is looking like it really could take off. But before we dddo, sign up for our amazing FREE newsletter below to get the hottest picks!


Company Snapshot:

Company Name: Xalles Holdings, Inc

Ticker: XALL

Exchange: OTC

Website: https://xalles.com/

Company Summary:

Xalles Holdings, Inc. operates as a business development company, which is specialized in the payment industry and financial technology. It provides payment solution consulting, auditing and direct investment services. The company was founded by Thomas W. Nash on December 14, 2009 and is headquartered in Washington, DC.

XALL in the NEWS

February 09, 2022

Xalles Holdings XALL plans to expand our reach into the market of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and cryptocurrency trading solutions.

Vigor Crypto Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xalles Capital, will analyze and test a variety of bots that are NFTs which trade on broader exchanges and futures markets like the Nasdaq, S&P 500, NYSE/Dow Jones.  The goal is to evaluate, purchase and enhance our automated trading and bot portfolio, realizing that the key to success is finding the good system tool to support a good trading strategy.  

Xalles Capital is also evaluating holding NFTs for long term investments which can be later sold on the secondary markets for profit. The strategy is that specific NFTs which contain trading bots and other assets and are sold in limited quantities would have a good opportunity to increase in value if the asset contained within the NFT is producing revenue or profits for its owner.

These strategies will complement what the company previously described with its joint venture company GioBot to create new trading bots to support Vigor Crypto and external clients. “NFTs and cryptocurrency trading bots and systems are an exciting part of the fintech ecosystem that Xalles is trying to optimize to drive innovation and profits,” stated Thomas Nash, Chairman and CEO of Xalles Holdings Inc.

1 Year Chart


Technical Analysis:

Xalles Holdings XALL is looking like it could go either way at this point, it has created a bottom and volume is increasing so It’s possible it will take off. IF, it can break October’s high. IF, not, I expect it to continue down. Happy trading!


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