Thai Airways (TAWNF) Stock Moves Back to 25 Cents: Now What?

The coronavirus pandemic had come as a wrecking ball for many businesses across...

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The coronavirus pandemic had come as a wrecking ball for many businesses across the world and one of those was the airline industry. However, with rising vaccination numbers, the dangers are easing and COVID 19 restrictions are being eased.

In this situation, many airlines might see their stocks performing better and one airline stock that could be watched at this point is that of Thai Airways. Due to the pandemic, the stock had suffered from massive loss in business and eventually, it had to get financing from the Thai Government in order to remain afloat.

The Thai Government is now looking to loosen restrictions as vaccination figures rise. Experts believe that as and when restrictions are completely out of the way, Thai Airways (OTCMKTS:TAWNF) might see a considerable improvement in its financial performance.

At this point, the stock is quite popular among investors, if Google Trends data is anything to go by. In 2021, the Thai Airways stock has been searched more times than some of the leading investment related websites. At the end of 2021, Thai Airways operated a large number of routes to as many as 58 destinations spread over 30 nations.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to note that at this point the Thai Government has a 50% stake in Thai Airways. This is an indication that the company is not going to go out of business despite the difficulties that it has suffered from the COVID 19 restrictions.

Moreover, it might also be argued that the government might also have a strategic interest in the airline. In other words, the government would want the company to do well. It is expected that the number of flights being operated by Thai Airways is going to rise steadily through the course of the year. In that sort of a situation, it is perhaps understandable why there is rising interest in Thai Airways stock.

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