What Tautachrome Inc (OTCMKTS:TTCM) is Aiming for This 2017


Tautachrome Inc (OTCMKTS:TTCM) shares were down 10% on Wednesday to $0.0189 but recovered 4.23% to $0.0197 in after-hours trading. Share prices have been trading in a 52-week range of $0.00 to $0.04. The company has a market cap of $52.46 million at 3.00 billion shares outstanding.

Tautachrome Inc is a company that operates in the Internet applications space. Formerly known as Roadships Holdings Inc, it is engaged in pursuing three avenues of business activity: KlickZie technology-based business development and monetization; Smartphone application development and digital design, and Appquisitions Division’s acquisition of revenue-generating smartphone applications.

Its KlickZie Activation Platform enables consumers to download KlickZie’s free camera upgrade software into their mobile device, which thereafter activates the pictures and videos taken by their device using KlickZie technology. Its Smartphone application development and digital design business activity will be conducted by Polybia Studios, Pty Ltd. The Company’s Appquisitions Division is created as a vehicle to acquire revenue-generating smartphone applications such as PhotoSweep, which is an application that lets users select photos from their smartphone photo albums and have them printed and sent to addresses of their choosing.

After recently completing the requirements for upgraded listing to the OTCQB market, Tautachrome Inc shared that all of the currently pending authentication claims in its authentication patent have been allowed by the US Patent Office, including the KlickZie authentication technology.

This is extremely good news for the Company and its investors,” said Tautachrome Inc CEO Dr. Jon Leonard. “The KlickZie authentication technology has been in the Patent Office since August 20, 2013. Our main aim is the present authentication patent. Other claims and new are valid and will be pursued diligently by the company, but we have everything we need to begin a constant and aggressive campaign to introduce the Company and our KlickZie technology to potential investors and to vital leaders in corporate America, and to continue presenting refined business models for corporations in the deployment of KlickZie into their organizations.”

In their letter to shareholders this week, Tautachrome Inc highlighted this development, along with other milestones they have achieved in the previous year. This included launching their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and significantly increasing the publication rate of press releases announcing company intentions and actions.

Moving forward, Tautachrome Inc aims to grow company value and stock liquidity by ramping up investor relations activities, telling the company story to potential investors and raising public awareness of how their flagship KlickZie technology will beneficially affect users across the globe. Following their recent patent approval, the company will continue to pursue claims related to secure image-capture in the smartphones and claims covering further inventive features and aspects of authentication.

The company expects that 2017 will bring partners, licensing revenues, additional public awareness, and appreciating share value and liquidity for investors. They also shared that they have been in talks with a Fortune 50 company regarding the KlickZie technology and its potential applications, particularly when it comes to addressing fake news issues.

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