Stocks Of 2023 List: UROY has strong buy indicators.

stocks of 2023

There are so many catalysts that could send UROY to the top of the best stocks of 2023 list.

So we had to reduce the multitude of strategic advantages down to just 3, but here is the honorable mention.

Price Target of $5.70 – which would account for a 104% gain.

FIRST TO MARKET -URC is the first company to apply the successful royalty and streaming business model exclusively to the uranium sector.

LIQUID ASSETS – Also, they posses C$142M in liquid assets!

Physical Uranium Ownership – Through opportunistic market purchases, the supply stream with CGN Global, and its
approximate 3.8% stake in London-listed Yellow Cake plc, URC holds interests in physical
uranium, acquired at cyclical lows.

Large & Diversified Royalty Portfolio – Portfolio includes interests on 15 development, advanced, permitted and past-producing
uranium projects in multiple jurisdictions, including royalties on the world class McArthur
River and Cigar Lake mines

EXPERTISE – Management and board possess decades of uranium industry experience, including senior executive and advisory roles to prominent companies and governments in the sector. citation 1

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We have 3 catalysts that have catapulted UROY into the spotlight.

#1 The news is driving massive volume spikes!

#2 The chart is bullish and could be ready for an explosive run.

#3 The fundamentals are a must see!

Let’s take a look at the #1 reason why UROY could be one of the best stocks of 2023!

stocks of 2023

The proof is in the market research and these signals below do not lie!

Most of the important short term “buying signals” are represented in barchart screen shots below.

Best Stocks Of 2023: UROY Reason #1 – Strong Buy Indicators

The first indicator above is the “trend seeker” signal.

Trend Seeker

This indicator traditionally represents stocks that Trend Seeker has identified as entering a Buy Signal.

We love this signal, because it represents a double confirmation.

Also, it is indicative of the largest possible gains because of the reversal pattern detected.

The second short term indicator is the 20 day moving average.

The 20 day moving average

An indicator that calculates the average price over the last 20 candlesYou can use the 20 day moving average to trade breakouts.

Allow the 20 day moving average to “catch up” to the low of the buildup before buying the breakout

 stocks of 2023

Indicators are algorithms that use mathematical equations to deliver buy or sell signals.

But sometimes, a chart just is so clear about the trend we will double down on technicals by showing the chart in our research as well.

This is one of those cases.

The chart is showing an absolute bullish pattern and ready to break out of a 3 month high.

Best Stocks Of 2023: UROY Reason #2 – The Chart

After UROY passes it’s resistance at $3 it should be very little resistance to $5.

This would represent 100% gains!

Well, we have really shined a great deal of attention onto the chart and now let’s look at fundamentals.

stocks of 2023

Best Stocks Of 2023: UROY Reason #3 – The Fundamentals

It already owns 15 royalties, with two of them resuming production, so they’ll be generating income for UROY very soon and the partners it has on its properties are the best companies in the sector:

Not only that, UROY is now at the front row and the driver seat to be the go-to funding partner for new mines and new royalties!

Imagine that a brand-new country is now created and it has no roads.

Then imagine, you own the company that will build the roads and charge for the toll for using them.

To top it off, you’re THE ONLY PLAYER in this market!

This is why UROY could be the best stock of 2023!

Moreover, the company spends ZERO dollars drilling, ZERO dollars developing, ZERO dollars mining, extracting, refining, hauling and owns NO Caterpillars, NO helicopters, NO rigs, NO equipment and NO dirt.

Let’s review the uranium market for a moment.

“I expect the uranium price to overshoot to the US$200 level before settling back to lower triple digits,” Del Real said.

The market has a lot of attention, check out these forecasts:

“Uranium — like lithium — has the most bullish fundamentals, coupled with bipartisan support globally,” said Gerardo Del Real, founder of Junior Resource Monthly and Junior Resource Trader.

“Nuclear energy is a carbon-free solution to meet the energy transition. New builds and increased term contract buying of uranium by utilities will lead to rising prices in 2023.” Rick Mazur, CEO, President & Director of Forum Energy Metals

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