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Worldwide cybersecurity market grew from $3.5 billion in 2004 to $75 billion in 2015, forecasted to reach $170 billion by 2020.

We are all living in the age of never before seen cybercriminal activity, so large in fact that it is nearly impossible to accurately track.

Good Evening Everyone,

We told you that we have something tremendous for tomorrow’s session.
This one has the potential to be our biggest play to date.
Turn your attention to SRUP.
This one looks amazing from a  technical standpoint.  Back in late January it ran all the way up to .82 from .25 on heavy volume.
Since then SRUP sold off on very light volume all the way back to .05 where it found a bottom and has been moving north on just a little bit of interest.
Last week we saw a little action out of nowhere and SRUP took off to .13 in a hurry but quickly tailed off when that action stopped.
We think that we are timing this one perfect with a  lot of action to follow this week.
SRUP is not something you want to sleep on.
They are tackling a major problem right now.  We are seeing cyber attacks in the news almost on a daily basis.  These cyber terrorists have the ability to do some real damage as we have seen in the past.  Just ask Sony.


The global cybersecurity market has grown approximately 35 times over the past 13 years. It is predicted to continue growing over the time to come and reach a staggering $170 billion by 2020.“Cybersecurity is the fastest growing tech sector. One of the main reasons for this is that all other sectors are fighting inefficiencies and striving for optimisation of everything whereas cybersecurity is driven mainly by cybercrime.

WannaCry ransomware attack?

Let us provide some background about the WannaCry ransomware attack, which impacted the entire world. On May 12, 2017, some big organizations, such as Britain’s National Health Service, FedEx, and Deutsche Bahn, reported that a large number of computers had been attacked by a virus that had encrypted the information stored. Hackers demanded $300 to $600 from each user to recover the encrypted files. This was the photo that the user could see and also the payment window:


The virus attacked windows systems that had not been updated and did not include a “critical” patch that had been “issued by Microsoft on 14 March 2017 to remove an underlying vulnerability “. Many organizations, which were not secured, suffered the attack that spread all over the world in the following days. Experts estimate that over 200,000 victims and more than 230,00 computers were infected. The virus did not slow down its activity until approximately May 19.



Let’s focus on the market now. According to Forbes, the market priced the attack by pushing up cybersecurity companies:

“Companies that saw their stocks jump the most following the hacks though were Mimecast(11%), Sophos Group (7.8%), Proofpoint(7.3%), and Fireeye (7%)” Source

We went to check for example the Sophos share price reaction:



Connectivity comes at a price

There is a good chance that by 2020 healthcare products that are connected to the internet will be worth over 285 billion in economic value

Medical device cybersecurity is a major issue today as security breaches become more sophisticated and common, costing healthcare businesses more and more money. In order to protect the industry medical devices, equipment and data has to be protected, to do so we believe preemptive actions are required.

Sirrus Corp – Your Security Navigation Partner

Sirrus Corp was founded to assist clients and partners with navigating the exceedingly complex issues of corporate security through comprehensive penetration testing and network scanning, followed by design and implementation, utilizing their proprietary products and services.

Sirrus Corp provides tangible, provable network protection that keeps companies in compliance with privacy and HIPPA regulations for data storage and management in real time.

Internal and external, automated scanning maintains compliance via proprietary digital marking, tracking and archiving, all customized for each company’s needs.

Security Solutions

Sirrus Corp has developed their security solutions to be unintimidating, reasonably priced and most are offered as fully managed services including real-time monitoring with regularly scheduled security scans to ensure the integrity of their client’s security protocols.


LightsOut sends notification of location breach, outages and includes a monthly monitoring fee, which becomes a recurring revenue stream for the product line.

LightsOut portable all in one hardware device, which consists of a core technology based on the miniature Arduino platform, includes motion sensors, smoke detectors, access control and it can run up to 45 days on battery power alone. These tiny systems notify the system administrator of any preprogrammed alert via cell, email or text.

  • A physical security solution
  • Especially beneficial to consumers and businesses that do not have access to power or Internet, or wish to know if they lose power or Internet at a specific location.
  • Data center equipment
  • Field installations
  • Unmanned Locations
  • High-end asset owners
  • Rental properties

TrustLock and MedLock

Network Scanning Devices

These devices reside inside the client’s network and perform preprogrammed network scans, then store and forward log files for future verification of designated events. They can also detect wireless and other unauthorized network access and they are can provide verifiable time stamping when paired with the Sirrus Time Zone device. The Medlock device is pre programmed before installation to address requirements medical related businesses must maintain to remain HIPPA compliant.

These devices are also utilized outside client’s networks by MSP’s to provide scheduled external scanning and breach detection from the Sirrus data center. This external service is offered as a managed service and includes written reports on levels of security maintained or severity of breach should one be detected.

Talk Soon,

The Small Cap Exclusive Team



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