SpotLite360 CA:LITE is looking like it could take off, it’s up 100%!


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SpotLite 360 CA:LITE is looking strong as it reverses it’s bearish trend for a bullish one, look out! It is already up over 100% and doesn’t look like there will be a stop anytime soon! Before we get started, sign op for our newsletter below, it’s FREE and we are really good!


Company Snapshot:

Company Name: SpotLite IOT Solutions, Inc.

Ticker: CA.LITE

Exchange: Canadian Securities Exchange


Company Summary:

SpotLite360 CA:LITE is a logistics technology developer unlocking value, opportunities, and efficiencies for all participants in a supply chain. The company endeavors to set new standards of transparency, integrity, and sustainability in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and agriculture industries. Its flagship SaaS solution has been engineered to seamlessly track the movement of a product by integrating with systems of all major stakeholders in a supply chain ranging from the raw materials to the hands of the end consumer. Spotlite360 Technologies was founded on September 23, 2014 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

Latest news for Spotlite360

Feb. 03, 2022

Entered into an agreement with Control Union (“Control Union”) in which the parties will produce, develop, market and deliver an exclusive global hemp supply chain certification. The initial certification will leverage partnerships with seed genetic companies, hemp farmers and hemp extraction/processing companies to develop a seed, to product, to consumer supply chain best practices. Control Union, a Peterson Control Union Company, will help author the standard and will audit companies against this standard to guarantee consistent product quality, chain of custody, proof of origin, environmentally sound practices, sustainable sourcing and prove of ESG (“Environmental, Social, Governance”) initiatives. The standard will leverage SpotLite360 Technologies and its unique supply chain focused tracing and tracking capabilities, leveraging RFID and IoT (“Internet of Things”) technologies to ensure real time data and visibility throughout the entire partner ecosystem.

5 Day Chart


Technical Analysis:

The stock looks insanely good, it is BULLISH and I like it! That was easy and quick


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