1. Rainmaker Generates Water from Thin Air!

Rainmaker (OTC-RAKR) generates water from thin air. Anywhere. Rainmaker appears to have brought to market the biggest tech evolution in clean water since the water filter. Rainmaker’s Air-to-Water technologies extract water from air to provide communities with sustainable, local, and affordable access to clean water. More importantly, this leading and affordable Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) provider will not only help solve a global water crisis, but its easy to deploy, inexpensive, and efficient water-producing units can fill water demands for communities worldwide. Better still, its technology can produce water in as little as five days after set-up.


Watch the Rainmaker product video:


Now and for the foreseeable future, the world’s biggest problem will be securing fresh water for a growing population. Bill Gates makes a statement from his organization, “Unsafe sanitation is a massive problem that is becoming more urgent as our global population increases and trends like water scarcity and urbanization intensify. About 4.5 billion people—more than half the world’s population—either practice open defecation or use unsafe sanitation facilities and services. To be effective, sanitation must be carefully managed at all stages, from the point that waste is collected and contained to how it is transported and treated. If there are gaps or breaks at any stage, then harmful human waste flows into surface waters and fields where children play and people of all ages live, eat, drink and bathe.” Reference Gatesfoundation.org


2. Rainmaker Announces a Strategic Partnership Possibly Worth $50 Million Annually

Any investor on planet earth understands the areas of the world that are depleted of safe water to consume and Africa is the epicenter of the clean water crisis. The Gate’s Foundation states, Sub-Saharan Africa — As African cities and towns continue to grow, especially within informal settlements, governments are acknowledging the need for innovative sanitation solutions that are less expensive and faster to deploy than building and operating sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants.”


Rainmaker OTC-RAKR


Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. (OTC-RAKR) announced October 8, 2020 a press release of a Joint Venture (“JV”) with the Carlaw Group Ltd. (“Carlaw”) to address the severe water crises across Africa. Carlaw and partners have been operating mission critical infrastructure projects in Africa since 2006. This expertise will complement Rainmaker as it deploys its innovative Air-to-Water technology to bring water on-demand to communities lacking access to environmentally safe drinking water. The partnership will distribute this water through a proposed water distribution agreement within the mining and construction sectors as well as through a bottled water operation using Rainmaker’s hybrid energy Air-to-Water solutions. The partnership once fully deployed could reach USD $50 Million annually.


3. Water Utility vs. Water Technology. This Could Be the Billion-Dollar Differentiator

Through Rainmaker’s Air-to-Water application, they harvest water by combining atmospheric humidity, heat and air flow producing drinking water from air – no other water source is required. This is truly revolutionary!

Once Rainmaker developed their proprietary technology that is disrupting the water market, they were faced with the question, how do they monetize the technology? They had a choice, to sell the technology or to become the first, mobile, international utility company providing clean water direct to the consumer. Even though Rainmaker is comprised by philanthropic men and women, they are capitalists beholden to shareholders to provide maximum profit and that is exactly what they did! They took the road less traveled, the more difficult path! They decided not to become a water tech company but to become an international utility company.

Do the math and your own due diligence and the scope of all this becomes clear. They decided to make a strategic decision to essentially enter, dare I say create, a brand-new concept, an international mobile utility company delivering clean water worldwide. The entire business plan of the company opens up when you see them as a utility and not just a supplier and manufacturer of these ground-breaking machines.

The joining of former GE Chief Investment Officer Aris Kekedjian comes at the heels of all this. Kekedjian recently stated, “My goal is to launch Rainmaker as a global water company by identifying strategic partners, distribution channels and transactions to commercialize Rainmaker’s unique capabilities”

4. ESG Stocks are Hot, Really Hot and Rainmaker Could Represent the Perfect Ground Floor Opportunity for Investors Interested in This Sector

ESG measures the societal and sustainability impact of every business activity. Investors are now looking to responsibly invest in companies that manage their impact on the environment and society at large. These investors are not simply more moral than those who do not care, they just understand the market and the shift in the investing public toward green technology.

In a press release with Newsfile Corp. issued October 1, 2020 stated, “Many companies set out to change the world. But other than having a catchy phrase in their tagline, few rise to the challenge. One company, though, Rainmaker Worldwide (OTC-RAKR), can make a difference. And, they are embarking on a mission that can not only change the world but can save potentially millions of lives in the process by producing almost limitless amounts of clean, potable water from their Air-to-Water and Water-to-Water technologies.”

Rainmaker is following a winning formula when it comes to the ESG sector and the formula specifically focuses on the environmental, social and corporate governance factors of each individual investment.  These are three essential factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of a particular investment. Savvy investors understand that when a company checks all these boxes the likelihood of achieving a high ROI, is substantially higher.

Rainmaker has done more than just build ESG into their business plan, it is part of their DNA, not just a tag line. They are delivering drinking water to communities that desperately need clean water and using primarily renewable energy to change the world that we live in.- It is clear to any investor doing their own due diligence that Rainmaker may be on the verge to an unprecedented finish to a tumultuous 2020.

Above all, the money set aside for ESG companies is, for lack of a better word, exploding. This style of investing grew to more than $30 trillion in 2018, and some estimates say it could reach $50 trillion over the next two decades.


5. Water Scarcity has Paved the Way for a Potential Trillion-Dollar Industry!

Here are some key statistics:

The world’s population is growing and is projected to become 8 billion by 2023, and 9 billion by 2038. The fastest growing populations in the world are concentrated in clean water deprived regions such as: African countries, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Mexico. Take for instance, in India they are growing by 15.5 million people per year. Even more troubling, currently, 7 of 10 of the fastest growing countries by percentage are in Africa.

The clear bottleneck for solving this problem is cost and deliverability. For cost, Rainmaker’s patented technology means cost per liter of water is the lowest in the category. For deliverability, their shift towards becoming a utility, not a technology provider, allows them to enter virtually any market in the world.


6. Utilities are Recession-Proof – Water is a Resource that is Paid for Regardless of Economic Conditions

On the back of the pandemic and the questions surrounding the upcoming election,

rightfully, be a concern for investors. As world markets sit in turmoil investors try to bet on either sectors who will benefit from the current situation or hedge their risk by doubling down on necessity trades. Water is one of those things. Water is a basic human requirement and will always remain as one.

Mr. Kekedjian recently stated in a press release, “While most people equate a shortage of clean and affordable water access with developing nations, we often overlook the fact that we have a critical water shortage issue right here in the United States. As part of my tenure with Sphere Rainmaker I look forward to launching an urban initiative and partnering with influencers to increase awareness on the need to bring water into low-income and rural communities; right here at home. One would think that the citizens of the most powerful and prosperous country in the world would enjoy clean tap water every day, yet the unfortunate reality is that many communities suffer from infrastructure decay and millions of Americans drink unsafe tap water from systems that are below prerequisite health standards -one need only look at what has transpired in Flint, Michigan to understand that we have to do better.”


7. “You’re only as good as the people around you,” John C. Maxwell

Michaeel Skinner, Chief Executive Officer

Michael founded Operitel Corporation (2001), a learning software development company that he expanded worldwide. In 2006, Profit Magazine recognized Operitel as one of Canada’s hottest companies and then in 2008 as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. In 2011, Operitel was acquired by OpenText Corporation, Canada’s largest software company. 

Michael also expanded the Innovation Cluster in 2016, which drove more than 25 million in economic impact between 2016 – 2019 in the Canadian region of Peterborough Kawartha.  Additionally, Michael is the Advisory Board Chair for the Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies (CAWT), an internationally recognized water and wastewater research institution.

Michael O’Connor, Co-Founder

In 1998, O’Connor joined Orascom Telecom in Egypt as a founding executive, leading all business development and M&A activities throughout Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Between 1998 and 2008 the company grew from 250,000 mobile subscribers in Egypt to more than 125 million subscribers across 10 countries, with 100,000 employees.

In 2008, O’Connor returned to Canada as one of the founders of Wind Mobile. Wind Mobile grew to more than 1 million subscribers and 1,000 employees. Now known as Freedom Mobile, the company was acquired by Shaw Communications Inc. in March 2016 for $1.6 billion.

“I am very excited to return to Rainmaker at this critical time and lead what I consider a world-class team to the next level.  There are huge demands for Water solutions around the globe and the proven Rainmaker technology is very effective in addressing many of these demands.” Michael Skinner, CEO Rainmaker Worldwide 

Aris Kekedjian, Strategic Advisor

As the former Chief Investment Officer of The General Electric Company (GE), Kekedjian has an outstanding track record in both the capital markets and in industrial development. His GE expertise spans 30 years with extensive experience building and operating international platforms across Europe and the Middle East and has executed M&A transactions with a combined value of over $300B. These include the $30B merger between GE Oil & Gas and Baker Hughes, one of the most comprehensive restructurings in the financial services industry.

Kekedjian has led acquisitions in disruptive technologies in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), 3D printing and life sciences. Specifically, Kekedjian recently orchestrated the $1.65B acquisition of LM Wind Power, the $3.25B sale of GE Distributed Power and the $3.4 billion merger of GE Water & Process Technologies with global leader Suez in 2017.

Visit Rainmaker at www.rainmakerww.com

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