Ozop Energy Solutions (OZSC) Stock Extends Rally: What’s Going On?

Over the course of the past week or so, the Ozop Energy Solutions...

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Over the course of the past week or so, the Ozop Energy Solutions (OTCMKTS:OZSC) stock has emerged as one of the major gainers and the rally in the stock continued yesterday.

On Wednesday, the stock soared by as much as 20% to take its gains over the past week to 20%. Considering the sort of gains that have been recorded by the stock it might be a good move for investors to look into Ozop Energy Solutions a bit more closely. Yesterday the company announced that its fully owned subsidiary company Ozop Energy Systems signed a letter of intent with a real estate investment fund which is part of the New York Stock Exchange.

This is a major development for the company and the reaction from investors yesterday reflects that as well. By way of this agreement, the two entities are going to involved in scouting property in two different locations in New York and one in New Jersey for the purpose of developing electric vehicle charging and batter storage stations.

However, that is not all. The two entities are also going to involved in conducting a viability study which is going to look implementing BrainBox AI’s artificial intelligence powered energy optimisation products in more than 200 properties.

The client is a well known equity real estate investment fund and owns commercial properties across a number of states in the United States. The deal that Ozop Energy Systems signed with BrainBox AI earlier on in the week is also an interesting one.

In the announcement made by Ozop Energy Solutions, it was noted that BrainBox AI is going to explore the possibility of using its self-adapting artificial intelligence-powered products in properties owned by Ozop’s customers in the New York metro area. This particular deal was welcomed with optimism by investors and had led to a rally in the stock.

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