Oculus VisionTech Inc (OTCMKTS-OVTZ) Stock Heats Up 250%

Oculus Visiontech OVTZ
Oculus VisionTech Inc (OTCMKTS-OVTZ) Stock Heats Up: Soars 250%...
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Oculus VisionTech Inc (OTCMKTS-OVTZ) Stock Heats Up: Soars 250% in 6-Week

Cybersecurity is an industry that has grown at a remarkable pace over the past few years and nowadays, investors actively looking for ways to get into that sector. Over the past few weeks, the Oculus VisionTech Inc (OTCMKTS-OVTZ) stock has emerged as one of the possible options owing to the sort of gains its stock has generated.

Major News

In the past six weeks, the Oculus stock has generated gains of as much as 250%, and perhaps it is time for investors to take a closer look at the company. Oculus is a cybersecurity company that is focused on developing products that protect digital piracy of documents.

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It is primarily focused on the compliance and data governance markets. Back in November last year, the company announced the alpha release of its product named ‘Forget Me Yes’. The product in question is a data privacy compliance platform. It is a unique product and it is no surprise that it led to considerable buzz around the Oculus stock in the markets.

‘Forget Me Yes’ is a SaaS (software as a service) API platform. It is meant for compliance with regards to the right to be forgotten and the right of erasing of both individuals as well as organizations. The platform helps in structuring the data in compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act.

However, that is not the only product that Oculus can boast of. The company has used its proprietary technology and built a system that helps in embedding digital watermarking for video on-demand clients. On the other hand, the company is also known for its cloud-powered system that helps in protecting documents through digital watermarking.

At a time when piracy is rampant, Oculus helps in providing protection to documents, images, and videos. The company is based out of Vancouver, Canada, and could be in the radars of investors over the coming days.

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