Whats Next For LBUY (OTC:LBUY) Leafbuyer Technologies Inc. Looking Forward

(OTC:LBUY) Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. has seen a recent spike in volume which is currently at...
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(OTC:LBUY) Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. has seen a recent spike in volume which is currently at 363,464 and nearing 3x its previous average. LBUY is a Colorado firm that provides an online database for the U.S. legal and medical cannabis markets. Founded in 2012, their users are able to locate dispensaries by state/city, read reviews of dispensaries, and in some cases find coupons to save money on cannabis purchases.

In addition to their longer upward trend over the past 52 week period, there have been several recent developments that likely contributed to this spike in trading over the past week. In May their stock was granted DTC eligibility, which is a must for any stock’s future growth potential. Most large U.S. broker-dealers and banks are DTC participants – they hold and deposit securities at DTC. Additionally LBUY has made several announcements in the past few months that have garnered them positive publicity. These include the development and launch of a mobile app that mostly mirrors the functionality of the LBUY website, and which is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

In June they added a career-finder portal to their suite of services which makes use of their existing database search tools and reportedly lists hundreds of careers and jobs in the cannabis industry. In May LBUY announced a forward split of 9.25 to 1 which itself led to a momentary spike, but nothing near the current value of $2.94, which even though it’s down from a 1-yr high of $3.61 is nearly 4x the $1 level where it sat for most of 2016 and 2017. This came just before a big announcement that they will be expanding their regional footprint to markets in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan. Most recently on August 22, LBUY issued a press release touting a renewed partnership with the Cannabist, a mainstream and highly regarded (pun intended) marijuana news website subsidiary of The Denver Post. This is meaningful because of the reach of and respect for the Cannabist and especially because there is now a LBUY “Deals Widget” on every page of the Cannabist’s website.

So what does all this mean? We think that the current price may represent a good value and that recent trading levels could indicate a sharp spike in price; but if not the combination of factors discussed before will at least ensure a steady rise toward the $5 range. Whether you’re basing your investment decision on the larger trend toward decriminalization/legalization or on LBUY’s ability to reach its intended market or the strength of its brand and relative lack of competition – or all three – LBUY hasn’t looked more promising than it does now in quite some time.

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