Green Globe International (GGII) Stock Makes a Strong Come back: What’s Next?

If there is one stock that has attracted the attention of investors due...

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If there is one stock that has attracted the attention of investors due to the enormous gains that it has clocked this year so far then it is the Green Globe International (OTCMKTS:GGII) stock.

The Green Globe stock is up by a staggering 29733.33% this year and over the course of the past month alone, it has gone up by 3342.31%. The rally in the stock found new steam on Tuesday and went up once against by as much as 54%. Considering the sort of gains made by the stock, it could be a good move from investors to take a bigger interest in the company.

The company is involved in the marijuana space and is looking to disrupt the tobacco industry. Green Globe is looking to disrupt the multibillion dollar tobacco industry through the introduction of products like herb cigarettes, CBD cigarettes, hemp cigarettes and others. One of the biggest reasons behind the rally in the stock in recent days came about after the company announced that its control has now passed on to The Hempacco Co Inc. Last month Green Globe announced that this was accomplished through the sales of 100 Series A Preferred shares to Hempacco in a private sale back in March.

Once the control of the company passed on to Hempacco, a new board of directors was also installed. The new board is being led by the Chief Executive Officer of Hempacco, Sandro Piancone. In addition to that, it is important to note that Green Globe also applied to the OTC Markets Group for access to the disclosure and information systems. The company is looking to submit any missing reports and also provide information with regards to the new ownership group. The frenetic trading in the stock took off after the announcement and it is now going to be interesting to see if the stock can continue to gain for the rest of this month.

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