Gex Management Inc (OTCMKTS:GXXM) Gaining Momentum On Positive Developments

Dallas based professional consulting company Gex Management Inc (OTCMKTS:GXXM), which is involved in providing their clients with staffing and consulting solutions, made an important announcement on 17 June. Like any other company, GEX is also trying to grow quickly and to that end, it has instituted a strategic initiative that seeks to turn the company into a premium service provider for staffing and consulting solutions.

Restructure Its Operations Significantly

GEX has repeatedly made announcements to the effect that it wants to restructure its operations significantly in order to make sure that it can generate growth in the business in the years to come. More importantly, it wishes to start the spurt in growth in 2019 only and that is something that should be noted by investors.

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In order to generate significant growth, the company has decided to enter industries in which its margins would be greater. Some of the areas that GEX management has identified are information technology and management consulting. Historically, those have been highly lucrative sectors for companies like GEX and if has already partnered with a Fortune 100 as a preferred IT Solutions Supplier. On the other hand, it has also inked staffing solutions deal with a leading Healthcare group based out of Ohio named Meritra Health.

In the deal with Meritra Health, GEX will help the Healthcare company with not only staffing but also benefit administration and payroll management. This is a highly important deal for GEX and if it can prove to be an excellent service provider to Meritra, then it can only boost the company’s profile further. The turnaround of the company and the quest for growth seems to have picked up pace over the past few months, which is why it is almost certain that GEX is going to be watched closely by investors for the foreseeable future.

Shares of GXXM were up 100% at $0.0002 in Tuesday’s trading session.