Exclusive Interview With Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. President & COO Shidan Gouran

​NEW YORK, January 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --, a respected source in the financial news media world located on Wall Street, today announces an exclusive Q&A interview with Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (BLOC.V) (BLKCF) President and Chief Operating Officer, Shidan Gouran.

Mr. Gouran shares with us his professional experience, a brief overview of the company, why he is excited about where the future of the company is heading, his views on the overall blockchain sector, especially after recent corporate updates. The interview provides unique insight into the Company's latest corporate developments, an update on current blockchain market and recent global market news. Question. Can you explain to our readers why blockchain technology has increased in popularity? What makes this technology so appealing to investors? 

Mr. Gouran Answer: "Blockchain technology has increased in popularity because it fills many of the gaps that exist in traditional computing and information management - and it is setting a new standard for reliability, transparency, and accuracy. The technology's value is appealing to everybody including investors as a technology to use. However, blockchain is specifically appealing to investors as a technology to invest in because it is still in its infancy, and having a stake in the companies that are propelling blockchain's rapid growth is an investment with exponential upward potential. This is much like having an early stake in Google; investing in a concept, and capitalizing on that concept's impact as it continues to materialize." Question. In the previous interview, you said you plan to hedge your positions by investing into other fields of blockchains if the cryptocurrency segment were to fall. Now Most of the community is invested into cryptocurrency based blockchain technology, so how can you ensure that other blockchain segments will effectively hedge your portfolio? 

Mr. Gouran Answer: "We're specifically paying attention to areas that the blockchain can have an impact on that have nothing to do with cryptocurrency at all. Aside from the fact that this underpins our hedging strategy, this is an untapped area of the blockchain ecosystem where there is not only great opportunity to invest, but also where new applications of the technologies won't face adoption issues. The success of technologies like cryptocurrencies can be hindered by a lack of acceptance - whereas for technologies like file management or instant messaging, these are not functions that users need to be sold on. Thus, user adoption is barely a factor (if at all), making investments in non-cryptocurrency blockchain technologies a uniquely safe bet. This by itself, we believe effectively hedges our investments - along with our team's analytical strengths to invest in the technologies that have the greatest ability to build a balanced portfolio." Question. With the recent cryptocurrency crackdown happening in South Korea and China, how do you plan to keep your cryptocurrency blockchain segment profitable, considering most of the volume stems from regions in Asian countries? 

Mr. Gouran Answer: "It is true that most of the trading volume comes from Asian countries - but we don't believe that this will affect our profitability, and I say this for three reasons. The first is that because our cryptocurrency assets are diversified, the tumble of one cryptocurrency will only stand to have a minimal impact on our holdings. The second is that even though there is a crackdown on cryptocurrencies, that doesn't mean there won't be workarounds, nor does it mean that traders won't find a way to be legally compliant. The term "crackdown" is a bit of a buzzword that seems to imply doom - but may not have an actual measurable impact on a cryptocurrency's performance. Then, having said that, the third reason is that the market has demonstrated its ability to weather these "crackdowns". These past few weeks we saw Bitcoin drop considerably, going even below $10,000 USD at one point - but it bounced back just days later. So to say that cryptocurrencies can sustain the actions of regulators is not just theory - it's something that has been proven beyond all doubt." Question. Recently, Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson told CNBC that the cryptocurrency market will see a crash and then consolidation. Do you agree or foresee a different path? How would this affect crypto based blockchains? 

Mr. Gouran Answer: "It's hard to say at this point, because the big variable here is how cryptocurrencies will integrate with the mainstream market. I do agree that a crash will take place, especially when weaker cryptocurrencies will eventually run themselves into the ground, creating panic in the marketplace. As for consolidation, I'm going to say that is less likely to take place. With each blockchain being fundamentally different from one another, it's not like cryptocurrencies can "merge" like companies can. I do see some consolidation in the sense that a small handful of cryptocurrencies will become the "main" cryptocurrencies. But with inter-blockchain compatibility technologies coming out, niche cryptocurrencies will have the capability to operate independently, cooperating with other cryptocurrencies. So I do agree that some consolidation will happen - but not to the point that it will be considered to be a consolidated market." Question. Recently, Global Blockchain invested $2 million into Kodak Coin, becoming the lead investor in its pre ICO stage. What is the reasoning behind the company's investment into Kodak Coin? 

Mr. Gouran Answer: "There were two main reasons behind this investment. The first is that the Kodak Coin solves a real business problem for photographers and users of licensed photos. The solution here is not a cryptocurrency; but rather, a blockchain-based digital rights management platform. In every traditional sense, this is an A-grade technology investment. It so happens that this involves a cryptocurrency, which is one of the best applications for it that any of us have ever seen. The second reason is that the Kodak name goes a very long way. We find that many people who are uncomfortable with cryptocurrency aren't uncomfortable with the idea of it. Rather, they are uncomfortable with the fact that they don't know the company behind it. Which, realistically, is understandable. Even though the blockchain creates an inherent trust that is far superior to any recognizable brand name, that is not how the average person's brain works when it comes to building confidence. The Kodak name is established as both a leader in technology, and a household brand that virtually everybody is comfortable with. These factors combined make the Kodak Coin a brilliant venture, which is why we fully embraced the opportunity to make our investment in it." Question. Many companies are currently developing blockchain technology to use in other sectors such as Finance and healthcare, do you think is there a future for blockchain technology beyond digital currency? 

Mr. Gouran Answer: "Like I had mentioned with our hedging strategy, we absolutely do see a future for blockchain technology beyond just digital currency. Decentralized management of information and resources fixes many of the weaknesses of centralized functions, such as central reserve banks. In any area that can benefit from reliability, accuracy, and the inability for one rogue party to wreak havoc, blockchain technology can champion new and better ways of doing things, without having to transfer even a fragment of value. The blockchain is about so much more than just that - which is why our business focuses on all areas of the blockchain, as it is the inevitable new standard of computing - whether for cryptocurrencies, or anything else."

About Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. 

Global Blockchain Technologies is an investment company providing investors access to a basket of holdings within the blockchain space, managed by a team of industry pioneers and early adopters of all major cryptocurrencies. GBT is focused on streamlining the current arduous, lengthy and complicated process that interested investors need to undergo in order to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency space with a view to becoming the first vertically integrated originator and manager of top-tier blockchains and digital currencies.

Through GBT's wholly owned subsidiary, Global Blockchain Mining Corp., the company has entered into an agreement to acquire a 49.9-per-cent interest in CoinStream Mining Corp., to employ the streaming model, providing strategic upfront capital and an additional payment upon delivery of the cryptocurrency, to select proven, best-in-class operators and operations, in exchange for a stream of future cryptocurrency production, at a fixed price. The company is investigating and intends to pursue an arrangement agreement with its newly created, wholly owned subsidiary, Global Blockchain Mining, to carry out a plan of arrangement.

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