Dais Corp DLYT up over 2,000%

Company Name: Dais Corporation 

Ticker: (DLYT)


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Company Name: Dais Corporation 

Ticker: (DLYT)

Exchange: OTC

Website: https://daisanalytic.com/

Company Summary:

Dais Corporation is a nanotechnology business producing a versatile platform of nanotechnology membrane materials (called Aqualyte™) addressing evolutionary and disruptive air, energy, and water applications. These proven products are characterized by offering Climate Change emission and energy reductions, longer lifetimes, and competitive pricing in the HVAC, Water, and Energy industries. Current commercial revenues come from selling:

  • Advanced Aqualyte™ nanomaterials to a wide range of OEMs wishing to create new or highly differentiated products which embrace the moisture management features of the product.
  • ConsERV™, a commercially available HVAC engineered energy recovery ventilation system that uses energy in exhaust air to precondition the temperature and moisture content of incoming fresh air. ConsERV™ typically saves energy, reduces CO2 emissions, and allows the overall HVAC system to be safely downsized. ConsERV™ introduces fresh ventilation air, resulting in higher productivity and sharper decision-making skills of building occupants, lowers triggers for allergies and asthma, and offers strong protection against key pathogens, including COVID-19 and most aggressive forms of bacteria.

Why is Dais on a rocket ship?

Nov. 29, 2021 Dais Corporation announced the Company has removed $2.12M of convertible, variable debt from its balance sheet.

3 Month Chart

5 Day Chart

Technical Analysis:

It is Bullish overall but this stock finished bearish and is up over 2,000%++. Be VERY careful and I wouldn’t look at this till it beats $6.20 or it will fall or best case consolidate. 

Stay in the lopp :

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