Could JanOne Inc (NASDAQ:JAN) Emerge as the Cryptocurrency Counterpart of Shopify?

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Picture this: JanOne Inc (NASDAQ:JAN) is making waves in the digital world, much like Shopify did when it first started. Remember how Shopify changed the game for online shops? It made selling online easy and cheap, and now JanOne is doing the same for crypto. Think of Shopify’s wild ride – its earnings shot up to a whopping $7.06 billion last year, that’s a jump of over 26%! 

Let’s go over a quick summary of why Jan’s acquisition of ALT 5 is so important. ALT 5 Sigma offers cutting-edge solutions for processing cryptocurrency payments. With a robust platform that caters to the needs of merchants, payment processors, and financial institutions, ALT 5 Sigma is revolutionizing the way we think about transactions in the digital age. Their flagship product, ALT 5 Pay, is a testament to their commitment to security and efficiency, providing a seamless gateway for businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments with confidence. The platform’s ability to mitigate the risks associated with market volatility is a game-changer, ensuring that merchants can conduct their business without the fear of fluctuating digital asset values.

Many merchants want to accept crypto payments but fear the market volatility. They don’t want
to sell a product or service and receive only a portion because the market has shifted on them
during the night let alone a few hours after the transaction. ALT 5 Pay enables them to accept
crypto payment but receive the dollar equivalent in real-time and therefore eliminating the
market risk and the need to hold crypto

ALT 5 Sigma’s technology is not just about accepting payments; it’s about embracing a new financial paradigm. Their enterprise matching engine is capable of handling nearly one million transactions per second, offering unparalleled performance for multi-asset trading. This level of efficiency is crucial in today’s fast-paced market, where timing and reliability can make all the difference. Furthermore, the integration of ALT 5 Pay with popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, along with the availability of checkout widgets and APIs, demonstrates ALT 5 Sigma’s dedication to accessibility and user-friendliness.

WooCommerce represents 7.6 million eCommerce websites globally that ALT 5 can quickly tap
into and plugin its widgets enabling them to accept crypto payments without any risk.

Security is paramount in the realm of digital assets, and ALT 5 Sigma has left no stone unturned. Their partnership with Fireblocks for cold storage solutions ensures that digital assets are protected during transit, providing peace of mind for both businesses and their clients. The assurance of fully insured and audited holdings adds another layer of trust to the ALT 5 Sigma name. Moreover, their commitment to transparent, auditable, and KYC/AML compliant processes speaks volumes about their dedication to safeguarding their clients’ interests.

The recent acquisition of ALT 5 Sigma by JanOne Inc (NASDAQ:JAN) highlights the significant impact ALT 5 Sigma has had on the blockchain financial technology sector. Their transactional processing volume, which exceeded $1.1 billion in the previous year, is a clear indicator of their success and reliability. ALT 5 Sigma’s innovative solutions are at the forefront of the payment processing industry, contributing to the reduction of risk and the elimination of costly credit card charge-backs.

Now, JanOne’s got ALT 5 Sigma Inc. on its team, and they’re all set to lead the charge in crypto payment just like Shopify started offering the same solution for fiat currency. Why should every investor be paying close attention? Because there’s a goldmine in those digital coins, and they’re ready to dig in. Just like Shopify made it big by helping businesses cash in on online sales, JanOne’s eyeing the future where cryptocurrency is king. 

They’re not just following the footsteps of Shopify; they’re blazing a trail for a financial revolution. And with the crypto market getting bigger by the day, with Bitcoin trading in excess of $25 billion daily and a market value of $1.3 trillion, JanOne’s move could be the start of something huge. So, get ready, because JanOne is about to possibly take us on a thrilling ride into the future of money!

We have identified 3 catalysts that we believe could position JanOne Inc. (NASDAQ:JAN) as the Crypto Shopify in years to come:

  1. The Pioneering Public Player in Crypto Payment Processing
  2. Financial Fortitude and Exponential Growth
  3.  A Win-Win Ecosystem for All Parties Involved

Catalyst 1: The Pioneering Public Player in Crypto Payment Processing

JanOne Inc. is charting a course similar to Shopify’s meteoric rise in e-commerce, by spearheading the cryptocurrency payment processing sector with its strategic acquisition of ALT 5 Sigma Inc. 

Just as Shopify simplified online transactions and unleashed the potential of e-commerce, JanOne is positioned to transform the crypto payment landscape. ALT 5 Sigma Inc., the sole publicly traded entity focused exclusively in this arena, presents a singular investment prospect, buoyed by the anticipated expansion of the cryptocurrency market.

Current crypto markets are valued at $2.4 trillion, and many experts like Cathie Wood predict
crypto market valuation to reach $25 trillion by 2030, it’s poised to mirror the initial rapid growth phase of online retail. The previous year’s $678 billion in traditional currency transactions could soon be overshadowed by the burgeoning domain of cryptocurrency processing, which is set to claim a substantial portion of this profitable market.

Catalyst 2: Financial Fortitude and Exponential Growth

ALT 5 Sigma Inc.’s financial narrative is unfolding with the same vigor and promise that marked Shopify’s meteoric rise in the e-commerce world. Last year, ALT 5 Sigma Inc. processed an impressive $1.2 billion, a figure that echoes the early achievements of Shopify when it revolutionized online payments for advertisers. This is not just a number; it’s a testament to ALT 5 Sigma Inc.’s robust system capable of handling massive financial transactions with the finesse of a seasoned player in the financial tech arena. Their consistent doubling of processing fees year over year is akin to Shopify’s growth trajectory, which saw the company expand its services and market reach exponentially.

Just as Shopify became the go-to platform for online merchants, ALT 5 Sigma Inc. is carving out a similar path in the crypto payment processing industry. Their financial stability and growth are not mere coincidences but the result of strategic moves and innovative solutions, much like Shopify’s own journey to success. JanOne’s potential to scale operations and profitability is brightly illuminated by ALT 5 Sigma Inc.’s performance, suggesting a future where they stand as a pillar in the crypto payment processing sector.

The acquisition of ALT 5 Sigma Inc. by JanOne is a strategic move that mirrors Shopify’s expansion through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. This move is expected to open new avenues for growth and diversification, much like Shopify’s foray into new markets and product lines. ALT 5 Sigma Inc.’s platforms, ‘ALT 5 Pay’ and ‘ALT 5 Prime,’ are at the forefront of this financial evolution, offering next-generation blockchain-powered technologies that enable a seamless transition to a new global financial paradigm.

ALT 5 Pay, a cryptocurrency payment gateway, and ALT 5 Prime, an electronic over-the-counter trading platform, are pivotal in this growth story. They offer merchants and customers alike the ability to engage in digital asset transactions with ease and security, reminiscent of Shopify’s simplification of online transactions. The potential for growth in this sector is immense, payment processing market estimated to grow to $162 Billion by 2030.

Catalyst 3: A Win-Win Ecosystem for All Parties Involved

JanOne’s collaboration with ALT 5 Sigma Inc. mirrors Shopify’s ascent to ecommerce stardom through its user-friendly payment solutions for online advertisers. Just as Shopify revolutionized the online marketplace by simplifying transactions and boosting merchant profits, JanOne’s partnership introduces a harmonious financial network benefiting consumers, banks, and merchants alike.

 With a nominal 1% processing fee, consumers bask in savings reminiscent of Shopify’s cost-effective rates, a stark contrast to the hefty 10% typically seen in high-risk sectors. Banks relish the security brought by the immutable nature of cryptocurrency transactions, a safeguard against the dreaded chargebacks that once plagued online transactions. 

Merchants in volatile industries such as sports betting now enjoy a fortified defense against chargebacks, echoing Shopify’s promise of secure and conclusive sales. This alliance not only elevates all parties financially but also cultivates a fertile ground for sustained growth and stability, much like Shopify’s journey paved the way for a new era of ecommerce prosperity. 

The synergy between JanOne Inc (NASDAQ:JAN) and ALT 5 Sigma Inc. is more than a partnership; it’s a leap towards a future where financial transactions are seamless, secure, and universally beneficial, propelling the industry forward just as Shopify did for online payments.

As we reflect on these catalysts, one can’t help but draw parallels to the foundational days of Visa and Mastercard. JanOne Inc. is poised to become an integral part of the financial infrastructure for cryptocurrency, potentially reaping the benefits of every transaction processed for decades to come. With the unique positioning of ALT 5 Sigma Inc., robust financial growth, and the creation of a risk-free ecosystem, JanOne is a company to watch.

Moreover, ALT 5 Sigma stands as a pillar of excellence in the blockchain financial technology landscape. Their comprehensive suite of products, including ALT 5 Prime and ALT 5 Pay, provides businesses with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of digital asset transactions. As we move towards a more interconnected and digital-first economy, ALT 5 Sigma’s solutions are not just meeting the current demands but are shaping the future of financial transactions.

The question that remains is: if given the chance to turn back time, would you have seized the opportunity to be part of Shopify? Or better yet, the first ISO/bank for Visa or Mastercard? 

JanOne Inc (NASDAQ:JAN) offers a similar opportunity in the crypto space. As we revisit the three catalysts—ALT 5’s market position, financial strength, and the universal benefits of their model—it’s evident that JanOne is a beacon of potential in the crypto universe.

Now is the time to act. Place JanOne Inc (NASDAQ:JAN) on your watchlist, commence your research, and consider the possibilities before the opportunity to be part of this crypto unicorn passes. The future is bright, and JanOne Inc. is at the helm, steering us towards a new era of financial technology. Act now, and be part of the journey with JanOne.

CONDENSED DISCLAIMER: Small Cap Exclusive is owned and operated by King Tide Media, LLC, which is a US based corporation & has been compensated up to $130,000 from Jan One Inc. for profiling JanOne Inc (NASDAQ:JAN) starting 5/21/24. We own ZERO shares in (JAN:NASDAQ) Full Disclaimer

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