Argo Living Soils: A Potential World Saver

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The research report entitled “Argo Living Soils: A Potential World Saver?” poses a provocative question—could this company truly make such a monumental impact?

The well-being of future generations hinges on the sustainability of our food sources, and currently, one of the gravest ecological issues we face is the deterioration of topsoil. This vital layer harbors the bulk of organic substances and nutrients essential for vegetation. To put it plainly, the depletion of soil nutrients equates to a threat to our very existence, given our reliance on food.

This concern transcends mere agricultural interest; it’s a critical matter of survival. Thus, I urge you to peruse this article with the dual perspective of a global citizen and an investor. While the prospect of earning substantial returns from investments—be it 30%, 90%, or even 200%—is undoubtedly appealing, the opportunity to concurrently contribute to planetary welfare is even more rewarding.

Should you require further motivation to continue reading, consider this excerpt from a recent press statement.

Argo Living Soils Corp (ARLSF:OTC) (ARGO:CSE), specializes in the production and distribution of organic fertilizers and soil enhancers designed for sustainable farming. The company’s offerings are rooted in regenerative agriculture principles, striving to improve soil vitality, biodiversity, and crop yield, all while minimizing ecological footprints. Argo Living Soils Corp provides a variety of products tailored to various crops and soil conditions, including compost, worm castings, biochar, rock dust, and microbial inoculants. Beyond products, the company extends consultancy and educational services to assist farmers in implementing optimal soil management practices and achieving organic certification.

We are so excited, so let’s go over why our team has spent the last month researching Argo Living Soils Corp (ARLSF:OTC). Let’s go over the macros before we get into the specifics.

Company Name: Argo Living Soils Corp.


Exchange: OTC & CSE


Investor Deck: Here

Original Article:

Company Summary:

Argo specializes in producing and developing organic products, including soil amendments,
living soils, biofertilizers, vermicompost and compost extracts formulated specifically for high-value
crops. The Company’s vision and overall business plan are to create an established brand of organic
and/or environmentally friendly products. The company was founded in 2018, and its production facilities
have been expanded and relocated to Duncan, British Columbia, in a joint venture with Pacific

“HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM” has become a clarion call for a pressing global issue: the challenge of sustaining a burgeoning population with diminishing arable land and water resources. Traditional farming practices are proving unsustainable, leading to soil degradation, environmental pollution, and exacerbating climate change. Enter Argo Living Soils Corp, a company that’s transforming agriculture with its innovative living soil product.

Argo Living Soils Corp’s living soil is a groundbreaking blend of organic materials, beneficial microorganisms, and minerals that replicates the soil’s natural ecosystem. This product fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between soil and plant life, enhancing plant growth, durability, and nutritional value. Moreover, living soil curtails the reliance on chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and excessive watering, offering a cost-effective and resource-efficient solution. It’s not just a product; it’s a paradigm shift in agricultural practices, promising a healthier planet and a sustainable future.

FIVE REASONS Argo Living Soils Could Be The Agriculture Play of 2024

#1 The Stock Has Been on Fire (psss… take a look art the chart)

#2 The Degradation of Our Top Soil

#3 Plant Based Foods Are Exploding In Popularity and That’s Good for Argo

#4 The Diverse Applications of Biochar

#5 Blockbuster News

Now that we have gone over the macros let’s dive into the number one catalyst that could make Argo one of the hottest stocks of the year.

#1 The Stock Has Been on Fire

Argo Living Soils Corp. has demonstrated its potential as a lucrative investment through a significant upward trend, marked by bullish behavior. Capturing the interest of Wall Street, the company’s share price surged from $0.09 to over $0.23 in recent months, culminating in nearly 250% gains. Following this impressive growth, the stock has undergone a period of consolidation at lower price points, suggesting it may be poised for another upward movement.

#2 The Degradation of Our Top Soil

The contemporary environmental landscape is confronted with a formidable challenge: the deterioration of topsoil. This critical layer of the earth’s crust harbors a wealth of organic matter and essential nutrients, fostering robust plant growth. However, the phenomenon of topsoil erosion—propelled by the forces of wind and water stripping away soil particles—has seen a marked increase over the past century. This escalation is largely attributed to aggressive agricultural methodologies, including tilling, plowing, and the practice of monocropping. A revealing study featured in the journal Earth’s Future sheds light on the alarming extent of this issue, disclosing that over 57 billion tons of topsoil have been lost in the U.S. Midwest since the advent of agricultural development some 160 years ago. This rate of erosion surpasses the sustainability benchmarks set by the USDA by a factor of two. The repercussions of topsoil depletion are far-reaching, impacting food security, biodiversity, climate dynamics, and water quality. The degradation of soil leads to diminished crop yields, the release of carbon emissions, heightened runoff and sedimentation, and a decline in soil fertility. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has issued a stark warning, projecting that up to 90% of the planet’s topsoil could be jeopardized by the year 2050 if the current trajectory persists. In light of these pressing concerns, the implementation of sustainable soil management practices that prioritize the conservation and rejuvenation of this indispensable natural asset is imperative.

Argo Living Soils emerges as a beacon of hope in this scenario, offering a tangible solution to the topsoil crisis. This innovative enterprise specializes in the creation of organic, nutrient-dense, and microbe-fortified soils designed to revive the vitality of lands plagued by degradation. Argo Living Soils stands poised to seize this critical opportunity by:

  • Championing its offerings as a viable and eco-friendly substitute for traditional fertilizers and pesticides, which are notorious for their detrimental effects on both the environment and public health.
  • Establishing strategic alliances with agricultural stakeholders, non-governmental organizations, and governmental bodies.

Argo’s approach represents a paradigm shift in the industry, melding the principles of ‘living soils’ technology with the time-honored practices of organic and regenerative soil science. This fusion not only enhances crop production but also aligns with the broader objectives of environmental stewardship and sustainability. By adopting such forward-thinking practices, Argo not only contributes to the immediate improvement of soil quality but also supports the long-term vision of a more resilient and self-sustaining agricultural ecosystem. The company’s commitment to this cause is evident in its efforts to educate and collaborate with the farming community, advocating for a shift towards more holistic and environmentally conscious cultivation techniques. Through its pioneering work, Argo Living Soils is not just transforming the landscape of agriculture but is also playing a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable future for our planet.

#3 Plant Based Foods Are Exploding In Popularity and That’s Good for Argo

The burgeoning popularity of plant-based foods is a testament to a shifting global consciousness towards healthier and more sustainable eating habits. This surge in demand is juxtaposed against the backdrop of a significant challenge: the declining quality of our soil, which poses a serious threat to agricultural productivity and food security. Amidst this scenario, companies like Argo are strategically positioned to capitalize on this growing market by addressing the pressing issue of soil degradation.

The plant-based meatless product sector is not just expanding; it’s revolutionizing the way we think about food. In the United States alone, retail sales of plant-based foods saw a substantial increase of 6.2% in 2021, culminating in a market worth $7.4 billion. This growth is mirrored on a global scale, with the plant-based meat category itself growing by 8%, reaching a valuation of $6.1 billion. The factors fueling this demand are multifaceted, encompassing health concerns, environmental impact, ethical considerations regarding animal welfare, and a continuous stream of innovations and developments within the industry.

Insightful studies, such as the one conducted by Fortune Business Insights, forecast an impressive growth trajectory for the global meat substitutes market, projecting an increase from $5.88 billion in 2022 to a staggering $12.30 billion by 2029. This represents a compound annual growth rate of 11.11%. Another insightful analysis by CB Insights suggests that plant-based meats have the disruptive potential to challenge the $1.4 trillion global meat industry, which is currently grappling with issues related to animal welfare, greenhouse gas emissions, and overall resource inefficiency.

The significance of plant-based meatless products extends beyond a passing trend; they represent a pivotal opportunity for retailers, foodservice operators, and consumers. The vegetarian food segment, in particular, is experiencing rapid growth within the global food market. A report by Grand View Research valued the global vegan food market at USD 16.55 billion in 2022, with projections indicating a compound annual growth rate of 10.7% from 2023 to 2030. The driving force behind this growth is the increasing recognition of the benefits associated with a vegan diet, which include not only improved health outcomes but also considerations of animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst, accelerating the demand for plant-based foods as consumers become more conscious of their dietary choices and their impact on overall well-being and the environment. As the world continues to navigate the challenges posed by climate change and health crises, the plant-based food industry stands as a beacon of innovation and adaptability, offering solutions that are not only profitable but also beneficial for the planet and its inhabitants. Companies that are able to address the dual challenges of meeting the rising demand for plant-based foods while also improving soil quality will not only thrive economically but will also contribute to a more sustainable and resilient food system.

#4 The Diverse Applications of Biochar

Argo’s commitment to advancing biochar technology is a testament to the company’s innovative spirit and dedication to sustainability. Biochar, with its intricate porous structure and superior absorption capabilities, is emerging as a transformative solution in diverse industrial domains. In the realm of water filtration and treatment, biochar excels due to its ability to effectively remove a wide array of contaminants, impurities, and even hazardous heavy metals, thereby significantly enhancing water purity and safety. This not only promises a brighter future for environmental health but also for public health.

In environmental remediation efforts, biochar’s proficiency in adsorbing and immobilizing environmental pollutants is unparalleled. Its deployment at sites marred by industrial contamination aids in the reclamation of ecosystems previously devastated by spills and industrial waste. By sequestering toxins, biochar is instrumental in restoring natural habitats and preventing further ecological degradation.

The incorporation of biochar into construction materials is a groundbreaking development, offering a dual benefit of reinforcing the structural integrity of materials like concrete and asphalt while concurrently diminishing their ecological footprint. This innovative use of biochar not only extends the lifespan of construction projects but also contributes to a reduction in the industry’s carbon emissions, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

In the field of energy storage, biochar’s potential is being harnessed to revolutionize battery technology. Its distinctive structural composition and electrical conductivity make it an excellent candidate for use in electrodes, which could lead to the development of batteries that are not only more efficient but also more environmentally friendly.

Lastly, the role of biochar in carbon capture and sequestration represents a significant stride towards mitigating the adverse effects of CO2 emissions. As a carbon-negative material, biochar captures carbon during its own production process. When integrated into construction materials and other applications, it effectively sequesters carbon, thereby contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. This positions biochar as a pivotal component in the quest for sustainable and eco-friendly industrial practices.

Through these multifaceted applications, Argo is not only exploring biochar’s potential but is actively redefining the boundaries of ecological innovation. The company’s efforts in promoting biochar usage across these varied industries underscore its role as a leader in the transition towards a more sustainable future. By harnessing the unique properties of biochar, Argo is setting a precedent for environmental stewardship and technological advancement.

#5 Blockbuster News

April 9th

Argo Living Soils Corp. Announces Signing of MOU with Malaysian-Based Connective Global

Argo announce that, further to its news releases dated March 5, 2024 and April 2, 2024, it has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (the “MOU“) with Connective Global SDN BHD (“Connective Global“) to establish a strategic partnership between the two entities.

Pursuant to the MOU, Argo and Connective Global have agreed to jointly pursue the research and development of biochar for agricultural and industrial applications in Malaysia and across certain regions in Asia. Argo and Connective Global intend to work together to research, and develop biochar-enhanced products tailored for distribution in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

The research and development of products by Argo and Connective Global will be for a period of 12 months. Pursuant to the MOU, Connective Global will secure the research facilities of University Putra Malaysia for Argo and Connective Global to carry out their joint research. In consideration for use of research facilities and Connective Global’s collaboration, Argo has agreed to fund a CAD$100,000 budget for research and development and issue up to one million common shares to Connective Global in stages based on achieving certain performance milestones in connection with the research and development phase, subject to applicable securities laws and exchange acceptance. Link

Argo Living Soils Corp. to Finalize 10 Year Licensing Agreement and Enters into Discussion with Malaysian Company

March 14th 2024

Argo announces that it will be finalizing the 10-year licensing agreement with Canadian AgriChar Inc. (“CAI”) by issuing the second and final tranche of shares. See the news release issued on September 28, 2023. Argo also wishes to announce that it has entered into discussions with Connective Global SDN BHD (“Connective”), a Malaysian-based company.

10-Year Licensing Agreement with Canadian AgriChar Inc

Argo will be completing the payment terms and securing the exclusive licencing agreement rights to CAI’s proprietary products, including all of the CHAR+ BioChar and BioChar enhanced products. Argo is poised to receive a percentage of revenues generated from CHAR+ BioChar and BioChar enhanced product sales.


Argo Living Soils Corp. Announces Private Placement Offering

February 29th 2024

Argo Living Soils Corp. (CSE: ARGO) (OTC Pink: ARLSF) (“Argo” or the “Company“) announces a private placement offering of up to 3,000,000 units (the “Units“) at a price of $0.10 per Unit, for aggregate gross proceeds of up to $300,000 (the “Offering“).

Each Unit will consist of one common share in the capital of the Company and one transferrable share purchase warrant ( a “Warrant“). Each Warrant will entitle the holder to purchase one additional common share in the capital of the Company at $0.20 per share for a period of 24 months following the closing of the Offering. In connection with the Offering, the Company may pay customary finders fees.

The Company plans to use proceeds of the Offering for general working capital purposes and identifying and evaluating strategic business opportunities which align with the Company’s business plan. LINK

Argo Living Soils Corp. Highlights Recent Achievements and Biochar’s Expanding Horizons
February 5, 2024

Argo provides the following summary of recent achievements, and the expanding horizons of biochar applications, underscoring Argo’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.
In a commitment to advancing sustainable organic nutrient solutions, Argo introduced BioPellets, a novel
organic nutrient product resulting from its licensing agreement with Canadian AgriChar. These enhanced
organic nutrient biopellets allow users to participate in regenerative soil enrichment programs, with their
native soil.

Argo’s joint venture with Pacific Composting Inc. achieved a significant milestone with the completion of
the expansion and startup of the worm casting installation. This collaboration enhances operational
efficiencies, sharing expertise and proprietary information. The joint venture aims to offer industry-
leading organic soil, initially targeting the British Columbia market LINK

Update: Argo Living Soils Corp. Announces New BioPellet Product For The Global Agricultural Market
January 22, 2024

Argo announces a significant new product, JumpStart Plus BioPellets, in our growing range of agricultural enhancement products through our licensing agreement with Canadian AgriChar (“AgriChar”). JumpStart Plus BioPellets will giveusers the ability to customize their soil enrichment programs.

In a significant stride forward, AgriChar has pioneered proprietary techniques in the area of pelletization.
Their proprietary innovation has already resulted in the creation of commercially successful nutrient
BioPellet products. Argo will spearhead the marketing and distribution of these groundbreaking
enhanced organic nutrient BioPellets, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional fertilizers.

BioPellets enable farmers to offset the long-term depletion of their native soil. JumpStart Plus
BioPellets can be applied topically to fields, or through “air banding” during seeding. Similarly,
gardeners can utilize these nutrient BioPellets topically or integrate them into their growing media.

This innovative approach allows farmers to reduce, or eliminate their reliance on expensive chemical
fertilizers. This reliance over time has depleted the nutritional integrity of their soil, leading to increased
fertilizer use, escalating input costs, and ultimately higher food prices.

The global rise in fertilizer prices, exacerbated by the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, has
further underscored the need for novel solutions to the evolving crisis of depleted food producing soil.
JumpStart Plus BioPellets fertilizer addresses this challenge, providing organic pellets which can be
tailored to specific soil conditions LINK

Update: Argo Living Soils Corp. Joint Venture with Pacific Composting Inc.
January 4, 2024

Announced that PacificComposting Inc. (“Pacific Composting”) has completed the installation of Argo’s worm casting operation. As previously announced, the Company’s facility was originally located on Galiano Island in BC and relocated to Duncan, BC.

The joint venture is a collaboration between Argo and Pacific Composting, designed to integrate Argo’s
worm casting operations into Pacific Composting’s existing operation and create specialty products
such as worm castings that can be further used by Pacific Composting in their product lines.

The joint venture aims to establish several fundamental advantages including increasing operational
efficiencies and a sharing of expertise and proprietary information. The objective being to establish an
industry leading organic soil, marketed initially to the BC market. LINK

As a quick recap, Argo’s Products will:

  • enable plants to reach full growth potential
  • sustain growth while minimizing fertilizer use
  • reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides
  • condition soils to self- resist pests and fungi ensure
    higher yields at lower cost

Let’s do one last recap on the FIVE catalysts that could send Argo Living Soils (ARLSF:OTC) (ARGO:CSE) to the moon.

#1 The Degradation of Our Top Soil

#2 Plant Based Foods Are Exploding In Popularity and That’s Good for Argo

#3 The Diverse Applications of Biochar

#4 News

So as we look to the future, our children’s future, one of the major environmental challenges facing the world today is the degradation of top soil. That upper layer of soil which contains most of the organic matter and nutrients needed for plant growth. That’s a big deal, a matter of life and death. So we better pay attention and as investors I would start your research today on Argo Living Soils so we can invest in our future!

Condensed Disclaimer

Small Cap Exclusive is owned and operated by King Tide Media, LLC, which is a US based corporation & has been compensated up to $140,000 from Argo Living Soil for profiling ARGO with coverage beginning 2/10/24-TBD. We own ZERO shares in ARGO.

Full Disclaimer

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