Angi Inc. ANGI gapped up, consolidated and now what’s next?


Angi Inc. ANGI gapped up, had huge volume, never pulled back, consolidated and now what’s next? To find out, read more below because the famed stock picker Alexander Goldman has his opinion!

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Angi announced today, “that they will be available to all customers in Walmarts in the USA.” However, before we get started, let’s review some basic information on this company.

Limitless Venture Group LVGI Company Summary

Company Name:  Angi, Inc

Ticker: ANGI

Exchange: NASDAQ


Angi, Inc. Company Summary

Angi (NASDAQ: ANGI) is your home for everything home—a comprehensive solution for all your home needs. From repairs and renovations to products and financing, Angi is transforming every touch point in the customer journey.

With over 25 years of experience and a network of more than 250,000 pros, we have helped more than 150 million people with their home needs. Angi is your partner for every part of your home care journey.


January 31, 2022

Is teaming up with Walmart. Angi’s highly-rated pros will soon be available in nearly 4,000 Walmart stores across all 50 states and nationwide online. This service offering includes over 150 common home projects including flooring, painting, plumbing, electrical, tv mounting, installation and assembly services for furniture and more.

ANGI 1 Month Chart


ANGI Technical Analysis

The news was incredible that Limitless Venture Group LVGI released today was huge and the stock responded with a massive amount of volume and a PPS increase of 11%. ANGI skyrocketed from $7.79 to $8.64.

The real question is, what is it going to do now? Well, it gapped up, then ran some more, then ran a little more. It is pretty rare to see a sustained run, I think this one will continue heading northward!

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