Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. (OTC:ATHC) is the Momentum, Low Float Play for Next Week?

Let’s take a look at 4 reasons why Accelerated Technologies should be on your HOT list today

#1 Their Proprietary Technology Can Revolutionize The GIG Economy  

#2 ATHC Has Less Than 1 Million Shares In The FLOAT!

#3  The Chart Looks GREAT, ATHC Is Up 130% In The Last 10 Days! #4 Accelerated Technologies Issued Incredible News This Year!

#4 Accelerated Technologies Issued Incredible News This Year!

Before we go over the top 4 reasons, let’s get acquainted with Accelerated Technologies.

Company Name: Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp

Ticker: ATHC

Exchange: Fully Reporting on the OTC

Website: & 

Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp ATHC Company Summary:

Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. is a technology-driven enterprise specializing in providing user friendly and affordable business processes solutions. Across a broad spectrum of industries, we power business intelligence, efficiency systems, payment processing, A.I. driven marketing, and value-added transactional services, health and wellness apparatuses and technologies.

#1 Reason – Their Proprietary Technology Could Revolutionize The GIG Economy  

Take a Look at This Massive Innovation!

Their app Instamaven could revolutionize the “Gig Economy”! 

“By 2027 more than 50% of the US, the workforce will participate in the gig economy according to a study by Upwork and Freelancers Union.” Take a look at this research! 

Many experts believe we are on the brink of a massive shift away from a 9-5 traditional work schedule to a multi-stream income approach where you can monetize your time and knowledge! 

The Projected Market Value of the Giig Economy is $455 BILLION by 2023!


This app is exciting! These are my top 4 favorite features of Instamaven

  1. Users pay advisors for specialized advice from the available specialists
  2. You can get paid for your ADVICE! Plus, you can attract clients from countries around the world and earn from your professional experience!
  3. You can actually exchange funds between InstaMaven users
  4. All correspondence can be received through push notifications
  • Could you imagine if INSTAmaven was bought out by Instagram?

It is clear by the name choice that Accelerated Technologies is positioning Instamaven for a possible buyout by IG! 

#2 Reason – ATHC Has Less Than 1 Million Shares In The FLOAT!

There are only 758,000 shares in the FLOAT! That is tiny! You could breathe on it and it should skyrocket! 

In fact, on 4/14/22 there were a little over 200,000 shares traded and exploded with 25% GAINS in one trading day!

As most readers are aware, stocks with a low float are the of great interest for day traders as they are often a great vehicle to earning continuous profits in just one trading day or over a few weeks. Due to the fact that low float stocks are very short numbered, they tend to go up in price when demand is increased due to the lack of supply of shares in the public float!

BOOM, low float stocks historically have gone up 100%, 200%, 300% in just a few days!

#3 Reason – The Chart Looks GREAT, ATHC Is Up 130% In The Last 10 Days! 


I hate to beat a dead horse but this is how super low float plays look, the smallest amount of volume can have MASSIVE results!

On 6/24 it was trading at $.12 and on 7/5 it closed at $.35 representing a 130% GAIN and this can be the start of something massive!

I don’t like being speculative but I have been diligently following tech companies for the last TWO decades and this feels like insider accumulation to me. Can’t prove it but all the signs are there!

HENCE, there should be BIG news coming and if it does, BOOM there is nothing holding this back!

I’m issuing an immediate ALERT on ATHC! 

Traders have an opportunity to be an early investor in a blossoming tech powerhouse because of InstaMaven!

Don’t look back at it like Tesla or Amazon, do your research NOW!

#4 Reason – Accelerated Technologies Issued Incredible News This Year!

Company aims for a $4.00 PPS to uplist to NASDAQ!

Check out this news!

Damiano Coraci will join the Company as Chief Financial Officer and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Coraci will oversee finance, accounting, and reporting functions. In addition, Mr. Coraci will begin implementing changes to corporate governance and internal audits and establish a Compensation Committee. As a priority, Mr. Coraci will immediately begin internal audits to accommodate ATHC’s up listing efforts to NASDAQ.

To uplist to the NASDAQ the regular bid price of shares of the company’s stock at the time of listing must be at least $4.00.

The company is currently trading at $.26 and needs to reach $4.00 to be uplisted, that would represent a gain of 1,438%!

That would be like investing $10,000 and it turns into $143,800!!

Accelerated Technologies announced on April 14th that they are now “Current” with the OTC Pink Markets!

This OTC “Pink Current” status provides greater insight and transparency as to the Company’s structure and financial health. 

They go on to say, “Accelerated continues to explore upgrading more accessible exchanges as soon as it can meet all up listing criteria.”

I find it very interesting that they are making all of these moves while quietly their share price is up 130%!

Accelerated Technologies adds five million ($5,000,000) in annual revenue!

On January 18th they announced a letter of intent to acquire a company with exclusive importation rights, distribution, and sales of food and beverage products. 

The intended strategic acquisition will fast-track ATHC’s deployment of its ROMPOS small business solution while adding in excess of five million ($5,000,000) in annual revenue. Here is the press release

Let me REPEAT, $5 million in revenue added through the acquisition!

Let’s review the 4 reasons why Accelerated Technologies could be the FinTech Play of the Week!

#1 Their Proprietary Technology Could Revolutionize The GIG Economy  

#2 ATHC Has Less Than 1 Million Shares In The FLOAT!

#3  The Chart Looks GREAT, ATHC Is Up 130% In The Last 10 Days! 

#4 Accelerated Technologies Issued Incredible News This Year!


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