Discussing Omicron, Facebook & SAND with Alexander Goldman

A fireside introduction, without the fire, use your imagination!


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A fireside introduction, without the fire, use your imagination!

I’m not a fortune teller, although I’ve been accused of it, I am a simple man that can read stock charts, read people and read a little of Spanlgish.  My name is Alexander Goldman but my friends call me Alex, let’s discuss the topics of the day.

Omicron, shall we drink?

Since the breakout variant Omicron has dominated the news, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has plummeted 2,000 points in two weeks. This market disturbance represents a 6% correction in just 10 trading days. 

Yesterday Moderna (MRNA) CEO Stephane Bancel told the Financial Times that the company’s current COVID-19 vaccine would likely see a “material drop” in effectiveness against Omicron, but that more data was still needed on the variant.

Let’s have a coffee, maybe with some Jameson Whiskey, & discuss, shall we?

The good news is, there are incredible opportunities in tragedies. Take a look above, remember the late/early spring of 2020? We rang in the New Year with grandiose visions of a Great Gatsby kinda 2020 and then boom, Covid! 

The market overreacted and share prices plummeted, then the market DOUBLED in 18 months. The truth is, I’m not drinking because of sorrow, I’m celebrating the opportunities on the horizon. 

Remember the song Gangster’s paradise by Coolio? Well, a trader’s paradise is volatility! Shorters went nuts in the winter of 2020 & the longs went bananas in the Spring. So, everyone come the fu@k down and double dip for god’s sake. Play the short and play the long and then go play some golf.

META, the social media giant formerly known as Facebook

Today Reuters writes, “Facebook risks missing the point of metaverse – and a coming shift in consumers’ behaviour – if it fails to permit digital ownership, according to some of the virtual world’s pioneers.

The social media giant (FB.O) made waves last month by changing its name to Meta Platforms and announcing a focus on the buzzy “metaverse”.

However, with few details beyond the rebrand, metaverse participants doubt it is ready to embrace the spirit driving creativity and profit in the space.

“What Facebook is doing with meta…is a ‘fake metaverse,’ unless they actually have a real description as to how we can truly own it,” said Yat Siu, chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, an investor in and builder of metaverse platforms, speaking on a panel at the Reuters Next conference.”

Haters are gonna hate & ainters are gonna aint, shall we discuss?

Is Yat Siu hating? Time will tell. On one hand, it’s Facebook and let’s face it, we might not like it, but they are profit geniuses. On the other hand, they became a juggernaut on the back of monetizing consumer data & being accused of centralizing political power, not decentralizing the power structure which the crypto/metaverse gang preaches. Can FB truly embrace decentralization in the name of profit, we will see. 

Don’t bring SAND to the beach, what about a META beach?

What is SAND.X? 

Truth be told, I didn’t know anything about SAND until I reached out to a trusted advisor about the MetaVerse and I asked, “If you were to invest in the meta verse? How and where?” He responds, “SAND

I proceeded to research this stock called SAND and to my surprise, I couldn’t find it on the OTC, NASDAQ or Big Board! Do you know why? It’s a cryptocurrency and I got excited! Admit it, everyone who didn’t invest in Bitcoin a few years ago feels like they missed THE boat, and I feel the same way. So, SAND feels like a do over, another chance at Bitcoin. 

As my Ex Girlfriend used to say, We OOOOOO!

Is it too late?

Emma Newberry writes for Motley Fool and she alludes to it here, “there’s a lot of uncertainty about how the metaverse will develop and whether Sandbox can maintain that price.”

That is the 7 day chart ^ and it would appear that she is right, or is she?

Tune in next week to hear a stock trader’s opinion on the SAND chart, by the way I don’t know shit about crypto currencies!

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