FNY Buys Open Door Technologies (NASDAQ-OPEN)

FNY Buys Open Door Technologies (NASDAQ-OPEN)

FNY Investment Advisors, LLC buys more stock of Open Door Technologies OPEN. Wall street is definitely paying close attention. We know that the street is interested in OPEN but what does our Alexander Goldman think about Open Door Technologies, Inc.

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Open Door Technologies, Inc. has investment advisors buying more positions of their stock because they are a fundamentally sound company. However, before we get started, let’s review some basic information on this company.

Open Door Technologies OPEN Company Summary

Company Name:  Open Door Technologies, Inc.

Ticker: OPEN

Exchange: NASDAQ

Website: https://investor.opendoor.com.

Company Summary

Eric Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of Opendoor in an interview recently stated, “in our view, the end state for the real estate marketplace will inevitably be a simple, certain, and fast transaction powered by technology. It is just a matter of when. So we have been consistently focused on investing in that future experience, piece by piece, with the consumer in mind at every step.

Also, We take great pride in doing the hard work to execute with excellence in our consumer experience, technology, business performance, and company culture. This is what sets us apart,”


Nov. 10, 2021

Reported financial results for its quarter ended September 30, 2021 Opendoor’s third quarter 2021 financial results with commentary below.

“Over the years, I am often asked whether our vision and strategy has changed. The short answer is no – we have always been focused on making it possible to buy, sell, and move at the tap of a button.” Eric Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of Opendoor

Furthermore, he goes onto “Our third quarter results are the byproduct of our focus on the consumer experience and strong, consistent execution. We exceeded our expectations in generating $2.3 billion of revenue, acquiring 15,181 homes, and delivering over $170 million of Contribution Profit and $35 million of Adjusted EBITDA.”

Open Door 5 Day Chart

Open Door Technologies OPEN

Open Door Technologies, Inc. Technical Analysis

This is going to be an easy analysis, it’s BULLISH and go NOW to your trading desk and take a look. This is the most clear breakout I’ve seen in a while! Also, the housing market is going bananas and they have incredible revenues. Moreover, they are a fundamentally sound company, with a good balance sheet.

The first reversal from the bearish trend was at $11.50 a few days ago and then I started watching it, like a hawk. Next, today, it leaped past the next resistance point at $12.20 and consolidated above it. Therefore, this is a HUGE (Donald Trump Voice) buy signal. Take head, listen and take a close look at this gem. Open Door Technologies, Inc is BULLISH!

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