Marin Software Inc (MRIN) Stock Rockets 375% in a Week: How to Trade Now?

Investors are almost always on the lookout for stocks that might have recorded considerable gains over a short period of time and one of the stocks that could be tracked closely at this point in time is that of Marin Software Inc (NASDAQ:MRIN).

The stock has been in the middle of a rollicking rally over the past week and has managed to generate gains of as much as 375% during the period. Hence, it might be a good move for investors to perhaps take a closer look at it at this point. The company has found favor among investors after it announced last week that its platform MarinOne is going to be able to manage Instacart Ads.

This is a major development for not only the company but also for its MarinOne platform. Marin announced that this Instacart Ads integration is going to make it life easier for brands who wish to connect to their customers directly and that usually takes place at the point of sale. Instacart is currently one of the biggest grocery delivery companies in the United States and it is connected to a large number of retailers.

The company has partnered with as many as 600 retailers which are made up of all categories starting from the national one to the regional and local. It makes deliveries from as many as 55,000 stores spread across 5000 locations all across Canada and the United States. Hence, this integration has the potential of opening up a world of opportunities for advertisers.

Hertz Global Holdings (HTZGQ) Stock Soars To $9 Mark: Still a Good Buy?

Over the past weeks, car rental company Hertz Global Holdings (OTCMKTS:HTZGQ) has been in major focus among many investors and managed to record considerable gains.

The company had declared bankruptcy last year due but things have turned around quite dramatically in recent times. Hertz not only found a consortium of investors following a bidding war recently but it is expected to emerge from bankruptcy on June 30, 2021. In the lead-up to the crucial day, investors seemed to have decided to pile on the Hertz stock in a big way. On Monday, the stock was on the move again and ended the day with gains of as much as 31%.

In this situation, it is quite likely that the stock is going to stay in sharp focus over the coming days. Not too long ago the company had announced that the bankruptcy court accepted its restructuring plan and went on to state that it would b coming out of bankruptcy on June 30.

The most important thing to keep in mind with regards to Hertz is that the company had to declare bankruptcy as its car rental business collapsed due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic last year. In its reorganization plant, the company has decided to wipe out debts to the tune of $5 billion straightaway. This move will give the company $2.2 billion in the form of liquidity. Hertz has stated that the company’s balance sheet is going to be strengthened due to the restructuring.

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