All Eyes on FACT (OTC-FCTI) – The Only Company Fighting This $6 Billion Fraud Market Just Went Public

The Devil is in the details and this IPO is a Tech Company that examines a multibillion-dollar industry on the microscopic level! What does this company actually do? F.A.C.T, (OTC-FCTI) is the ONLY PORTABLE SOLUTION ON THE MARKET that uses technology to create a “Digital Fingerprints” from the Physical Artwork for Verification and Condition Reporting. Why is this technology so exciting for investors? The art fraud market is estimated by the FBI to be a $6B industry! FACT has positioned itself, with the above mentioned technology, to possibly be the dominant force in the art fraud prevention vertical, which is again a $6B industry. Who are their competitors? The first two questions ask, what do they do and how big is the market. The final question is, who will they be competing with to possibly gain control of this $6B a year industry? Their competition is “art experts” who verify paintings with the naked eye! This process is archaic and ripe with fraud and FACT has made it their mission to solve this dilemma via cutting-edge technology.

6 Reasons why F.A.C.T,(OTC-FCTI) Forensic Art Certification Technology is the IPO to watch and that is a FACT!

1. Numbers don’t lie, and the potential profit is possibly explosive!

I literally did about 20 minutes of research and my jaw hit the floor! It is rare to find a market that is worth so much internationally so antiquated in technology! Furthermore, to find the same industry boasting $6B in annual sales is when the hairs on the back of my neck stood up at attention like a WW2 soldier. Take a look at this quote from, “This increase is also shown in the volume of global art sales which reached approximately 40 million transactions in 2018” LINK I rubbed my eyes and thought, 40 million transactions?!?! If FACT was just to capture 10% of the market share, which is possibly silly when you consider how far superior their technology in comparison to their competition, that’s $6B! So, if they capture 10% of a 40,000,000 transactions would equal 4,000,000 transactions! What could the revenue look like for (OTC-FCTI) if they were able to capture 10%? Here is a local “art expert” that reviews the piece with his/her naked eye and charges $150, with no technology! LINK 4,000,000 authenticating transactions X $150 = $600,000,000! Annually Their competition is a local “art expert” who evaluates the art with their naked eye and then authenticates the art with a piece of paper called a COA. That is it! Imagine if there was a machine that uses a computer algorithm to verify authenticity down to a size smaller than a grain of sand?!?! Well there is and we are excited. Is that worth $150, $300 or $600?!?! Will they penetrate 10%, 15% or 20% of the market? Let’s be honest, even in the worst case scenario, that is $600 Million US Dollars annually!

2. FACT has developed/redesignated a technology that is truly pioneering in the art authentication industry.

F.A.C.T, (OTC: FCTI), Secured Device is the ONLY PORTABLE SOLUTION ON THE MARKET that uses technology to create a “Digital Fingerprints” from the Physical Artwork for Verification and Condition Reporting. They have adapted the same forensic ballistics technology used by global law enforcement agencies to the art world! An “interferometer’ – a high tech machine – captures a scan of the painting down to 1/50th the size of a human hair. Right down to the pressure on an artist’s brush stroke! Current scans are compared to previous scans by a high tech computer generated algorithm to make sure that it is the same painting! This creates a Tangible Links between the Owner, Artwork and Database Record through Identification of a “Digital Fingerprint” from the Scans. LINK (Investor Deck on the website). I apologize for typing in caps above but that is an especially important concept that the average investor needs to play close attention. The current industry standard is “art experts” certifying with their naked eye that it’s the original, with their naked eye, with the possibility of Millions of dollars on the line. This archaic method lends itself to fraud because technology has outpaced the human eye. The art fraud market is estimated by the FBI to be a $6B industry! In fact, an expert in the field, 9Mousai founder, Richard Hammond, offers some advice: “A certificate of authenticity is essential when buying and selling art to prove legitimacy,” he reveals. “The certificate must be signed by the artists or a representative or it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, and there are fakes around, so beware.” LINK Let me repeat, there are fakes around, not anymore. FACT will literally revolutionize the art authenticating landscape forever. Investors are you excited? Everyone is excited for this IPO, except for art criminals, they are petrified!

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3. Its groundbreaking technology is positioned in a $6B industry with no market leaders!

What other $10B+ industry has no clear-cut industry titan that dominates it, none that I can think of. This technology will become the gold standard of the art verification world and that world is worth $6B! No other verification system uses technology and the actual painting! For comparison purposes, the online dating industry is a $3 billion dollar a year industry! LINK Let’s take a minute to digest that research. In the example above, if FACT can capture 15% of the market at a $600 service fee, they will produce revenue in excess of $3 BILLION! However, there is no Ok Cupid in the space! No Bumble! No Tinder! Just a vacuum of opportunity with no competitors! A bunch of Ma and Pa stores before the advent of Walmart.

4. It’s an IPO with groundbreaking technology in a $6B industry with no market leader. Yes I repeated myself, because you should pay attention!

It’s an IPO, ground floor opportunity in a brand-new technology in a multibillion-dollar industry. I could do the easy lay up here and compare it to all the crazy IPOS which had 300%, 800%, and 1,200% gains but that is just too easy! As savvy investors we have heard all those war stories and for me that would feel like I lost a little bit of my soul by going somewhere so transparent. So, I will keep this point short and sweet and remind you for a third time, it’s an IPO with groundbreaking technology in a $6B industry with no market leader!

5. Do I have your attention now? If I don’t, I will when you find out that they have multiple ways to monetize the hardware and software!

FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Art-secured lenders who accept art as loan collateral can verify whether that art is an original or a forgery. If a bank is loaning a couple of hundreds of thousands of dollars I’m sure that institution will have no problem paying for authentication to protect their investment. Last year over $24B in loans were secured by art! Or, even better yet, they make it mandatory, kind of like a Car FAX is mandatory today for used car purchases! AUCTION HOUSES Companies like Christie’s and Sotheby’s can verify the legitimacy of a piece before putting it up for sale. The top auction houses had over $24.2B in sales last year! Once one of the big auction houses makes it mandatory, every other auction house will probably follow suit! MUSEUMS & GALLERIES Art organizations can collect data to manage their portfolio and verify the legitimacy of their collections. Galleries had over $38.6B in sales last year! I would imagine that insurance companies will make this technology standard operating procedures before they will even insure a museum or gallery. ART INSURERS Fraud prevention departments can ensure the legitimacy of insured works to decrease unlawful payouts. Insurance is anywhere from 1% to 7% of the value of the painting. Again, similar to auction houses, once one major insurance provider makes it mandatory, the whole market will probably follow. ART TRANSPORTATION & STORAGE Companies can ensure transferred assets are legitimate and prove lack of quality loss upon delivery. Over 14MM pieces of art are moved annually! FACT also offers RFID chips to monitor the art as it is displayed or in transit! GPS tracking and block chain technology has arrived in the industry that started millennia ago in Europe. INDIVIDUAL COLLECTORS Art enthusiasts scan originals before lending them to museums and galleries to ensure they get the original back later. They can also track and manage their collections securely stored on blockchain! The best way to possibly protect your investment for generations to come, to authenticate the valuable art with the most sophisticated technology in the industry

6. FACT would just be a Tech Company if it wasn’t for these incredible assets, now they are a force to be reckoned with in the art verification industry!

The executive team is impressive! Patricia Trompeter, CFO & COO, brags pedigree hailing from the monster GE Capital! Ardavan brings an extremely critical component to the executive team, art industry expertise! He has decades of experience in the Forensic Art Certification industry. Michael Arbach, CIO, has written code that has Billion of dollars of transaction in the securities market, as in, trading stocks! Can I it gets any better? Yes, Jeff Felske, Co-Founder was an executive at Disney, if I had a microphone, I would drop it!

Patricia TrompeterCFO & COO Patricia spent 15+ years in the financial services industry with GE Capital. She held several positions in various divisions including CFO, Controller, Operations Leader, and M&A. After a short break to focus on philanthropic opportunities and family, Patricia founded Webbs Hill Partners. She holds a B.Sc. in Finance/Economics and Management Information Systems from Marquette University. Ardavan TajbakhshCo-Founder & CTO Ardavan holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics & Computer Science from Canada’s Capital University, where he was hired as a Senior Programmer Analyst after graduation. When he ended his career there, he was the Enterprise Architect for the University’s Enterprise Technology Infrastructure. He left this position to become the Solution Architect for ALIAS, before becoming the Vice- President and Chief Technology Officer at Pyramidal Technologies Ltd. He brings his decades of experience to the Forensic Art Certification Technology team. Jeff FelskeCo-Founder Jeff started his career as the national sales manager at Disney Canada. After developing his skills, he became the V.P. of sales for Lyons Group and In 1995, Jeff transitioned again becoming a V.P. and partner of GTS acquisitions. It was here that Jeff applied his unique skills and entrepreneurial passion, to open Target Marketing Group. He exclusively represented many A-list video game developers. Jeff then shifted his focus to funding and guiding the creation of ALIAS, which he now brings to F.A.C.T. Michael ArbachCIO Michael is a business-oriented software engineer with a proven 17 year track record building high performance solutions for top tier companies using emerging technologies. Code produced by Michael has processed billions of dollars in securities transactions. Today some of the largest banks and organizations in the U.S. rely on his software to power millions of users across various applications. He is an early blockchain enthusiast, developer, and investor. Michael holds degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. He is fluent in four languages and enjoys flying small airplanes. As a quick recap, these are the 6 reasons you want to place (OTC-FCTI) on your watchlist today!

  1. Numbers do not lie, 40 million art transactions in 2018!
  2. A.C.T Secured Device is the ONLY PORTABLE SOLUTION ON THE MARKET UTILIZING “Digital Fingerprints” oh and it is a $6B a year industry!
  3. What other $10B+ industry has no clear-cut industry titan that dominates it, not online dating apps which is a $3B a year industry. This technology will become the Gold Standard of the art verification world!
  4. It is an IPO, enough said!
  5. There are 6 ways to monetize this technology, I do not even think dating apps have that many revenue streams!
  6. The Executive team boasts GE Capital, Disney, and billions of transactions in the securities market!

Happy Trading, laptop drop!

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