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BTCS Inc. ( BTCS ) is an early adopting online e-commerce marketplace where   merchandise is available for direct retail purchase using digital cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, litecoin, and dogecoin. The company name is an acronym of sorts for Blockchain Technology Consumer Solutions. It originally incorporated in Nevada in 2008 as Hotel Management Systems, Inc. and entered into an Exchange Agreement with BitcoinShop.us, LLC in 2014 formally changing its name to BTCS Inc. in July 2015.

Various summaries of the company found online indicate that the company’s business includes:

  • A cost-effective bitcoin mining services business, focuses on transaction verification
  • A beta e-commerce marketplace for the aforementioned cryptocurrencies
  • A bitcoin wallet based on a relatively well known technology and two-factor authentication for secure storage of bitcoin keys

According to various digital currency news sites and press releases dating back to 2014, BTCS claims to have invested in several technologies and firms including the GoCoin payment platform (which appears to be a solid player in the field), GEM (a Bitcoin API developer which is positioning itself as the go-to blockchain company in the healthcare and supply chain fields providing “bank grade” security) and what looks to have been an aborted attempt to merge with Spondoolies-Tech, Ltd. (a cryptocurrency mining equipment vendor) in 2015. Spondoolies shuttered operations in 2016 due to internal problems including inability to meet payroll.

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Recent News and Trading:

Other recent occurrences include a default on a lease with CSC Leasing Company of numerous servers and power supplies resulting in the forfeiture of a $25,000 security deposit and, of course, the return of all of the equipment to CSC. At this point it is not clear whether this represents a drawback in BTCS’ ability to process e-commerce transactions or whether the capacity lost with the defaulted lease was made up for in other ways.

A visit to the website (shop.btcs.com) reveals a relatively random catalog of consumer items ostensibly available for purchase, but it appears that the bulk of products represented are merely placeholders, perhaps served up by external scrapers or scripts. In limited research, we were unable to find any items actually “in-stock” or “available” for purchase.

All time high was $1.37 per share in early February, 2014 with quite a fall off very shortly thereafter and a settling in at zero from June 1, 2016 to January of 2017, with a recent high of $0.18 in March, 2017. We’re seeing a lot of fluctuation within the $0.07 and $0.08 range over the past few days and since January of this year, daily volume has fluctuated from 120,000 all the way up to 30,000,000 and back down again, with volume for today at 3,389,582 at a closing price of $0.07. There was a 1/60 stock split in February of 2017.

Market Cap 3.06M
Beta 2.88
PE Ratio (TTM) -0.01
EPS (TTM) -5.22



* Financial statements are incomplete and/or not up-to-date. We could not run down Income Statement, Balance Sheet or Cash Flows for 2017.


Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are almost certainly here to stay. Even as the central banks may be attempting to subvert these alternative currencies, the technology behind the blockchain is solid and there is a wide community of developers and entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries and penetrating new sectors of the traditional online economy. There will likely continue to be hacks and breaches such as the $460M disaster that struck Mt. Gox in 2014, partially leading to a temporary decline in Bitcoin’s value, but the technology is simply too firmly entrenched and it stands to reason that security will improve. BTCS was a relative “mover and shaker” in the bitcoin/cryptocurrency world just three short years ago, but with a dearth of recent information to go on, the fact that their flagship website does not appear to be functioning yet (granted, it bears the “beta” designator) and the fact that filings are not up to date or complete may indicate this is one to view with careful scrutiny.

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